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Upcoming Webinars


June 13, 2023

@ 12:00 pm EST

Philanthropy has been subject to the seismic shifts we’ve all been experiencing: political polarization, the expansion of the billionaire class, debates on personal freedoms, a resurgent focus on racial and economic justice, and much more. Further, those societal changes are occurring in concert with the more private shifts that are happening within the families we advise: the “Great Wealth Transfer”, expanded notions of family, and a growing mental health crisis, to name a few. For giving families, philanthropy sits at the nexus of all these issues. This webinar will review the latest trends in the sector and how advisors can better support their generous clients through a shifting landscape.

July 11, 2023

@ 12:00 pm EST

 The best intergenerational transitions are developed through open communication and ongoing dialog within the entire family, and particularly when the next generation has a voice in planning the future.  Once the family is clear about their future goals, then excellent plans (that are also tax efficient) may be developed.  Too often advisors to families of wealth and family businesses see the senior generation - in particular the wealth creator - as their primary, and often, only client.  Such planning often fails with the death of the senior generation when the next generation falls into conflict. Designing continuity is a process that weaves together issues of love, power, and money.

August 7, 2023

@ 12:00 pm EST

While much has been written and discussed about the Rising Generation, Kristin Keffeler presents us a new paradigm for this generation as well as practical tools for being an effective advisor to them. Join PPI Dean of Fusion Tim Belber for an eye opening conversation and a look at the rising generation beyond the stereotypes.
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