Pre-Rendezvous Activity: Who are you Becoming?

2024 Rendezvous

July 29, 2024 | Westminster , Colorado

Deepening Our Impact | Exploring the Both/And

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Pre-Rendezvous Workshop

Who are you Becoming?

Monday, July 29th
9:00am - 4:00pm MT

To launch Rendezvous 2024, join internationally known human performance and leadership coach Logan Gelbrich and San Francisco Giants performance coach Harvey Martin, a global thought leader, to both experience and build capacity for enhancing your own journey and the purposeful journeys of your clients.  Gelbrich, the author of the bestseller “Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams” will equip participants with a simple framework for leadership in a group dynamic and provide guidance for advisors to differentiate technical vs adaptive challenges.  Gelbrich is a former professional baseball player and has competed in the international CrossFit Games. 

Harvey Martin, also a former professional baseball player and author of “Breathe. Focus. Excel” will lead participants through several somatic exercises such as breath work, sound therapy and hot/cold stressors. 

Coach Martin will provide a framework for participants to use these exercises in their own practices to strengthen their physiology, which will bring a heightened psychology.  The essence of this work provides sustainable health with increased clarity and focus. 

This interactive workshop will challenge you both mentally and physically while curating ways to better serve your clients. 


Join us in discovering the art of who you are becoming: 

  • Interactive
  • Framework creation
  • Opportunities for reflection of your own self and also how you would coach others
  • Use of breath, ice and heat in your practices
  • Leadership framework
  • Human performance and capacity building 
Cost: $189 ​
Please contact Mitchell directly at to RSVP with the subject: Who Are You Becoming!​