The Trustscape Collaboratory

This forum is for professionals to share experiences, perspectives, challenges, and strategies for developing and practically implementing generative and qualitative best practices to better and more purposefully serve trust stakeholders.

Meeting Schedule
The Trustscape Collaboratory meets monthly for an hour on the second Tuesday of each month at 2pm CST via Zoom to discuss trustee best practices. While we understand you may not be able to participate in every meeting, we do encourage you to commit to participating in as many live meetings as possible if you plan to join us.

Membership Requirements
We are currently accepting new members! Participation in this Collaboratory is open to members of the Purposeful Planning Institute. Non-member guests are welcome to attend meetings at the Collaboratory leader’s discretion. 

For more information, please contact Lindsay Pope or Dan Felix.

Lindsay Pope
Purposeful Planning & Trusts
Lindsay has over 40 years experience in professional trusteeship and estate planning. From his base in Auckland, New Zealand, Lindsay specializes in helping trustees, beneficiaries, private clients and professional advisers practically implement purposeful trust and planning strategies and best practices.
Daniel P. Felix
The Professional Trustee
Daniel P. Felix advises & counsels families and their trustees about trust administration — and in the right situation, Dan serves as trustee. Dan is a licensed Illinois attorney using his legal and other essential skills to help families navigate the rough waters of disability and death. In this unique expertise, Dan works closely with each family’s estate & financial planners as well as their other advisors.