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John (“John A”) Warnick is the founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute and Family Wealth Transitions & Solutions.

John A balances his enthusiasm for tax savings with in-depth discovery and purposeful questions to ensure the planning is congruent with his client’s core values.  He delivers workshops across the nation for estate planning attorneys and financial planners sharing the six paradigms of Purposeful Planning and the Seven Keys of the Purposeful Trust.

He spends a considerable amount of his time facilitating family retreats and providing wealth counseling, fiduciary and philanthropic consulting services. He finds immense fulfillment in educating and training children, adolescents and emerging adults in financial literacy, philanthropic service, and holistic family wealth principles.

He was the author of two BNA (Bureau of National Affairs) Tax Management portfolios.  He co-authored “Selecting a Trust Situs in the 21st Century” which was published in the March/April 2002 issue of Probate and Property.  He is currently serving as co-editor of a book on best practices for trusts and is also working on two other books entitled The Gift of You and The Purposeful Trust Handbook.

Mr. Warnick received a BA magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and his JD from George Washington University with honors.

Prior to launching his own business, John A was a partner in the Denver office of Holme Roberts & Owen LLP for almost eleven years after practicing in Nevada and Wyoming previously.

Professional Associations and Recognitions

  • Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel
  • Recognized as a Best Lawyer in America
  • Member of International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy
  • Member of the Financial Planning Association
  • Member of the Collaboration for Family Flourishing
  • Advisory Board Member for the Family Building Institute
  • Member of the Colorado Bar Association & Wyoming State Bar

Select Publications and Presentations

To Be or Not to Be—Some Thoughts on the Life of Family Foundations

Yŏu Bản Fă – (There Is A Way): Reviewing the Wisdom of Great Thinkers to Combat the Negativity and Planning Paralysis that Challenges Philanthropic Planners and Their Clients Today

The Purposeful Charitable Trust or Foundation: Client Memory Loss and Charitable Remainder Trusts

The Benefits of Greater Meaning and Purpose in Charitable Trusts, DAFs, and Family Foundations

Maturity Markers – A New Paradigm for Trust Distribution Models and Gifts

Incentive Trusts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by John A. Warnick (Feb 2009)


John A. Warnick is a frequent presenter on a wide variety of topics including:

The Purposeful Trust Revolution
Trustees, Beneficiaries and Charities
The IRR of Purposeful Trusts – Innovative, Revolutionary and Rewarding
The Uses and Potential Abuses of Trusts Protectors
Incentive Trusts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Trustees, Beneficiaries and Charities – Why All the Hostility?
“Purposeful Trusts: A New Paradigm for Grantors, Trustees and Estate Planning Advisors”
“Emerging Adulthood: Successfully Launching Your Child in Life and Business”
“The Meaning of Trust(s)”
“The Generative Trustee and Trust Advisor”
“Markers of Maturity – A New Paradigm for Trust Distribution Models”
“Gratitude + Purpose + Vision = Happier Donors and Flourishing Families”

Putting Heart and Soul into Your Trust

John A. Warnick

“Lost in the sterility of the typical legalese of wills and trusts is the love parents and grandparents feel for their children and grandchildren – the faith they have in their descendents’ potential to grow and develop, and the hope they hold for their future.”
– John A. Warnick

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