Deans Emeritus

PPI Deans play a significant role in the evolution and transformation of the Purposeful Planning landscape. They come from a variety of professional disciplines and serving backgrounds, but they share a common passion for assisting legacy families and families in business to discover the pathway to flourishing lives and families. The Deans are instrumental in forging the thought content and processes we are introducing through our webinars and at gatherings such as Rendezvous and the Purposeful Planning Symposium.

We are grateful for the time and expertise the following individuals have contributed through their past Deanship.

Deans Emeritus

Carol Anderson

Dean of Financial Life Planning

Alison Comstock Moss
Alison Comstock Moss

Dean of Family Sustainability & Empowerment

Bruce DeBoskey, JD

Dean of Philanthropy

Dean R. Fowler, Ph.D.

Dean of Interdisciplinary Fluency

Lisa Niemeier

Dean of Generational Impact

Josh Patrick
Josh Patrick

Dean of Sustainabile Enterprises

Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®, CFT™

Dean of Women

Gunther Weil, PhD

Dean of Values