The Purposeful Planning Institute (“PPI”) attracts individuals and firms who believe there is a better way, a better process, a better practice lying just ahead of us and that our past experiences and knowledge are merely a prelude to our finest hours in service to our clients.  It is the most affordable and easily accessible educational and training platform for advisors to HNW and UHNW clients.  PPI offers great value through our easily accessible educational content, programs, and training for financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals and consultants serving families of wealth and families in business.  Learn More

We know that you want to be a trusted advisor who can deliver solutions to your clients that will improve their lives for generations to come while building a sustainable and profitable practice for yourself.  To do that you need to integrate both purposeful planning and technical planning into your work with clients.  Join us to access the resources and community you need to transform your practice and your client relationships.

Educational webinars with thought leaders and industry innovators discussing innovative breakthroughs and research in the realms of wealth management, business succession, exit planning, family wealth transitions, legacy and financial planning, personal growth, professional development and collaboration. PPI is also the exclusive home for conversations around the keys and paradigms of Purposeful Planning and Purposeful Trusts & Gifts.

Enrollment is now open for the NEW Purposeful Trusts & Legacies Mastery eLearning Program! The Mastery Program is designed for professionals like you who want to assist their clients in creating Purposeful Trusts & Legacies. The Mastery Program is comprised of 10 on-demand session to help you master the Keys of Purposeful Trusts & Legacies and put your purposeful practice in motion.  Participants are eligible to receive up to 11.5 hours of CPE.

This virtual event will bring together nationally renowned faculty for unique and engaging educational and professional development opportunities that will showcase the benefits of infusing best practices from the domains of relational, philanthropic and legacy planning into the technical aspects of Estate Planning and Wealth Management.

Rendezvous is the premier and most professionally diverse gathering of its kind and brings together professionals representing more than 20 disciplines for collaborative dialogue, keynotes, and breakout sessions centered on family dynamics, governance, collaboration, philanthropy and personal development and growth.  Check back for announcements regarding next year’s event.


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