What If Every Trust Came With a Warning From the Surgeon General Which Read Something Like This?

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Long-term trusts may have damaging and corrosive impacts on beneficiaries.  The emotional toxicity of trust instruments may result in impaired lives, entitlement, irresponsibility, lack of initiative and self-esteem.  You should not execute this document without carefully considering what you have done to avoid these potential negative outcomes in the lives of your children, grandchildren and other loved ones.

How valuable to you and your clients would it be if there was a way to:

  • Transform Cash Bequests and Gifts of Personal Property into Lasting Legacies and Priceless Heirlooms
  • Easily Capture Your Client’s Voice, Vision, Wisdom and Values and Preserve That Wealth for the Benefit of Their Family and Community
  • Have Your Clients’ Lifetime Gifts and Their  Will or Trust Be a Positive Impact on Beneficiaries and a Powerful Antidote to Entitlement and Dependency
  • Make Reading a Trust Document Enjoyable for Both the Client and His/Her Loved Ones
  • Work Collaboratively With the Client’s Entire Advisory Team to Create Much Greater Satisfaction and Financial Rewards for Both Attorneys, Financial Planners, and Other Wealth Advisors

There is a Better Way!!!  We call it a Purposeful Trust™.  In this highly intimate and hands-on workshop, you will learn and experience how this new approach is revolutionizing estate planning.

Workshop Overview

This will be an intimate and interactive workshop designed for estate planning professionals — attorneys, CFPs, CLUs, planned giving professionals, trust officers, and wealth planning strategists and legacy consultants.  We will cover the Seven Keys of Purposeful Trusts and allow all participants to gain hands-on experience through visioning exercises and stories that can bring the power of these keys to our clients. This workshop is for both planners and attorneys.

The ideal workshop participant would be someone who has begun to understand the importance of assisting clients to gain a much greater depth of vision and purpose around their wealth transition planning. I will introduce my thinking around the Five Toxicities of Trusts and other systems which serve families of wealth. I believe that each family can discover inside one or more of the Seven Keys of the Purposeful Trust one or more antidotes for those Five Toxicities of Trusts.

Each attendee will get to experience and practice with both the visioning exercises, Purposeful Conversations, and Purposeful Stories that bring the Seven Keys from abstract concepts to powerful realities. Each participant will receive:

  • The Purposeful Trust Workshop Handbook, a 135+ page workbook with a full description of all Seven Keys of the Purposeful Trust™ and an overview of the Six Paradigms of Purposeful Planning™.
  • A hands-on opportunity to experience the visioning exercises and Purposeful Conversations™ which will transform how you work with clients in the future.
  • An opportunity for the CFPs and CLUs to at least double if not triple your income from planning and design work and, more importantly, significantly increase your client’s satisfaction with the results.
  • An opportunity for Estate Planning Attorneys to learn how clients will enthusiastically pay at least double to triple what you are currently charging for a living trust estate plan or for your “maintenance” program.
  • Access to the lowest cost highest value program in the country for building and expanding your tools for working with families of wealth and families in business.
  • Redacted samples of Purposeful Trusts and our latest marketing materials to start building your Purposeful Trust Practice.

Continuing Education 

Workshop participants will be eligible for 3.5 – 4 hours of continuing professional education credits.

Upcoming Workshops

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“I attended the four hour Primer on Purposeful Trusts & Gifts Workshop which was offered at the beginning of Heckerling in January 2013.  I believe anyone involved in wealth transfer planning would derive tremendous value from attending. The workshop will show you how to go beyond feeding names into your forms via your document assembly software. You learn how to better articulate the concepts surrounding multi-generational planning, and how to prod your clients into thoughtful planning. You learn to define your clients’ successes in terms other than “dollars moved,” or “taxes saved.” You learn how to help your client articulate these concepts, and get to the heart of his or her goals for the planning process. And target the most desired end result. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, which brought together a diverse group of advisors from all over the US. John’s approach is collaborative; he encourages and facilitates a storytelling exchange that enables participants to learn his approach and learn from each other. The workshop materials are top notch; I have used them at least weekly since. I can’t recommend the workshop highly enough. I’m already looking into attending again.” – Robert Kleinknecht, Senior Tax Counsel at Granite Associates

“I have attended John A.’s workshop and I can attest to the fact that this is one of the BEST programs I have attended. For someone who concentrates in Legacy Planning and developing long term relationships with clients, this is the one to attend. I can recommend it without hesitation. Thanks, John A!” – Michael G. Stuart, Member/Manager & Founder at The Stuart Legacy Alliance, LLC

“The Purposeful Trust workshop moved from hands-on practical to heartfelt and back again.  I highly recommend the workshop to attorneys and related advisors who are considering adopting The Purposeful Trust paradigm or who have already done so.” – Hartley Goldstone, Senior Strategic Advisor to Trustees and Trust Beneficiaries

“John is an extremely talented estate planning attorney but more importantly he has a wonderful way of sharing his talents of working with his clients to document and preserve the legacy they want to leave behind for their loved ones. I recommend anyone who has the chance to work with or attend a program by John to take advantage of the opportunity.” – Chuck Wilder, Attorney, Estate Planning and Legacy Law Center, LLC