It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No It’s A Trust Protector!

A Two Hour CLE on The Uses of Trust Protectors, Special Trustees and Decanting Powers and Statutes

Think of how far society and trusts have evolved in just the last 100 years. Think about how far we have come in just the last twelve months in terms of uncertainty and change in our estate planning world. How can we anticipate what changes lie ahead from both a tax and nontax perspective? This practical workshop will deepen your understanding of the dynamic uses leading practitioners are suggesting for the Trust Protector and help you harness this power appropriately in your design of both irrevocable and revocable trusts.

You will learn the history of the role of the trust protector and hear about how the pioneering concepts of “Rigid Flexibility” and “Trust Compasses” make it easier to help clients understand the value of a trust protector. The workshop will highlight the difference between fiduciary and nonfiduciary roles for the trust protector and review the pros and cons of the active versus stand-by models for trust protectors. The workshop will be grounded in practical application as we will review sample trust protector clauses and illustrate eight potential situations where a trust protector could be extremely helpful. Finally, we will learn who the ideal candidates might be to serve as your client’s trust protector and what qualifications and criteria might be used to find that individual or entity.

Each workshop participant will receive:

  • The Outline “Understanding the Role of Trust Protectors – The New Frontier of Rigid Flexibility: How is It Changing the Trust World”
  • Seven Case Studies Illustrating Roles and Uses of Trust Protectors We Don’t Normally Consider
  • A workpaper on “The Attributes and Qualifications of a Great Trust Protector”
  • A redacted letter from a grantor to his children suggesting how they should recruit a Trust Protector and what they should be looking for in terms of their relationship with a potential Trust Protector.
  • Samples of redacted trust protector clauses, including two revolutionary uses for the Trust Protector: the Trust Compass and the Magic Key provision. Both of these applications are part of that exciting concept we call “The New Frontier of Rigid Flexibility.”

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“Listening to John A, you know you’re in the good hands of one of the foremost experts in the field. His depth of knowledge is only surpassed by the organized delivery of his thought provoking presentation. At the end of Mr. Warnick’s presentation, he provided insightful answers to the various and difficult questions posed by the audience. His presentation is a must for estate planning practitioners.” – H. Richard Hagen, Spesia & Ayers, Attorneys at Law, Illinois

“The trust protector presentation was both interesting and informative – it is clear that Mr. Warnick has experience and knowledge in this field. Mr. Warnick’s use of actual client stories (in the webinar and study materials) brought the concept “to life.” We will be incorporating a number of his suggestions & recommendations with our estate planning clients.” – Jennifer K. Johnson, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Duffy & Robertson, P.C., Michigan