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Date: August 20th, 2013

Guest Speaker: Patricia Annino, Partner, Prince Lobel

Handout: Adjust Your Legacy

Description: In this presentation Patricia Annino shares key steps you can take to ensure your client’s estate & financial plan is congruent with their family’s goals & objectives. Learn how to create and monitor a “Congruency Audit”.

Important Points:

  • A sustainable plan incorporates the family’s core values, goals and objectives and the enabling structural elements, such as legal estate planning and business planning documents.
  • For a plan to be sustainable all elements of the plan must be congruent. The legal plan should align with family goals, desires and objectives and match legal and financial documents.
  • Most plans are not congruent because the advisors do not work together and because the enabling structures lead the charge and that is not their intended role – their role is to enable the fundamental values of the family.

Purposeful Quote: “The thinking that created today’s problems is not the thinking that can solve those problems” Albert Einstein

Patricia Annino, Partner, Prince Lobel
Patricia M. Annino is a nationally recognized authority on estate planning and taxation, with more than 25 years of experience serving the estate planning needs of families, individuals, and owners of closely held businesses. Patricia is Chair of the firm’s Estate Planning and Probate Practice Group as well as a member of the firm’s Media and Intellectual Property Group where she represents authors, artists, and musicians in estate planning and probate matters.

The breadth and depth of Patricia’s expertise in the areas of inheritance law, trust law, and common law in issues related to real property and intangible property interests, has resulted in her being retained to testify as an expert witness in high-stakes divorce cases where trusts and other inherited assets are at issue. Her opinions have been favorably relied upon by the probate and family court when she has testified.

Patricia has been quoted extensively in a wide variety of local and national publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune, Marketwatch,, and Women’s Business Journal on the topic of estate planning. She has acted as the estate planning consultant to the independent investment research provider, Morningstar, and has been interviewed on Bloomberg Television.

Patricia is a frequent public speaker, traveling the country presenting to high-level donors and trustees of hospitals, museums, and other nonprofits, as well as private banking clients, owners of closely-held-businesses, alumni organizations, and more. In addition to speaking to various groups about her recent book Women and Money, Patricia was interviewed by Family Business Wiki Newsletter on that topic in May 2013. Click here to view the video from that interview. Patricia also writes a monthly column for CPA Insider, a newsletter sent to more than 160,000 CPAs and other wealth managers and advisors.

While earning her master’s degree in taxation at Boston University, she was a member of The Boston University Journal of Tax Law. At Bentley College, she has taught “Estate and Gift Taxation” in the Masters in Taxation program, and “Estate Planning” in the Masters in Financial Planning program.

Patricia also lends her considerable talent and expertise in the practice areas of corporate and media law, making her an invaluable resource to both her colleagues at the firm and to clients firmwide.