S1:E4 | Connecting Family Philanthropists Across Generations

There’s a danger in making generalizations about any group of people, however, this podcast aims to share trends within the “NextGen” (Millennials and Gen z) demographic and to offer some tips on how to bridge the generation gap between the old(er) and young around philanthropic giving. This is for parents who are looking to incorporate in their adult children in a cohesive family philanthropy program and for professional advisors in financial or legal service who are looking for ways to have the conversation.

S1:E3 | What is “Family Stewardship” & Why Does it Matter to Clients & Advisors?

In one of the three keynotes for our 2nd Annual Virtual Purposeful Planning Symposium, Thomasina Williams will address how to incorporate “family stewardship” into the purposeful planning equation. We preview that session in this episode, by exploring with Thomasina a definition of what constitutes “family stewardship” and why it matters both to clients and to advisors.

S1:E2 | How Powerful Are Your Questions?

The New Year is a point of reflection and often a time to pencil in a few resolutions. What if the New Year was a trigger to instead consider the power of the questions you ask and how they might help you achieve your goals? This podcast explores the power of framing questions, the implications of problem-framed versus outcome-framed questions, and ways to apply this to your own professional growth or that of your client. The podcast reflects on the power of intentional dialogue when it comes to creating a shift or a change in responding to these types of questions.

S1:E1 | The Purposeful Planning Revolution

The inaugural episode of the Purposeful Planning Podcast.  In this episode, John A. Warnick, Founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute, shares the secrets of Purposeful Trusts & Legacies, an exciting and revolutionary concept which is transforming the way we work with clients.