The Purposeful Planning Institute seeks to promote innovation and collaboration at a practical level amongst the various professionals who serve legacy families.

We have therefore asked Ian McDermott to become Dean of Innovation and Learning. Ian’s expertise lies in teaching both innovation and collaboration as learnable skills.

Ian writes: ” So often innovation occurs at the interface between disciplines. That’s why innovation and collaboration frequently go hand in hand. I will be offering various ways of promoting innovation and supplying a steady stream of video materials and blog pieces to promote innovative thinking and discussion.”

Innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership are like a three legged stool. Each supports the others. In these videos Ian McDermott addresses all three.

The Role of Collaboration

Thinking Big

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Ian McDermott
Dean of Innovation & Learning

Iam McDermott

A thought leader in the field of innovation and leadership Ian McDermott is the father of the Coach Approach. Currently being rolled out in 145 countries this makes it possible to for anyone to learn how to draw the best out of others and foster a learning culture – be it in a team or a family.
Ian is Founder and Chief Executive of International Teaching Seminars (ITS) which is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The mission of ITS is to give people the skills to innovate their own solutions. It has done this with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals.
Based in Connecticut, the author of fifteen books on systems thinking, NLP and coaching, Ian is also at home in Europe.  He is External Faculty at Henley Business School and an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University Business School where his focus is on entrepreneurship and innovation.
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