Date: June 5, 2018

Time: Noon ET (60 Minutes)

Guest Speakers: James E. Hughes, Jr., Esq., PPI Fellow & Ian McDermott, PPI Dean of Innovation & Learning, Founder and Chief Executive of International Teaching Seminars (ITS)

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

This summer Jay and Ian will be hosting a special session at Rendezvous and Fusion Collaboration where they will be sharing the fruits of their current re-thinking of the traditional advisory roles in the light of new trends that they will detail and discuss.

Their insights derive from a particular way of working and engaging; what they call creating an emergent space. It is the key to their creativity. It is also what they believe is often sorely lacking in professional meetings in a busy world. We have asked them to share what makes their way of working together work, why they do it and what they get out of it. This is an opportunity to join their conversation and decide whether creating an emergent space might be useful for you, your colleagues and clients.

This webinar will be moderated by John A Warnick.

Introduction to Our Guests Speakers

James E. Hughes, Jr., Esq., PPI Fellow

Mr. Hughes, a resident of Aspen, Colorado, is the author of Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family, and of Family – The Compact Among Generations; he is co-author with Susan Massenzio and Keith Whitaker of The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom, Voice of the Rising Generation: Family Wealth & Wisdom; and he is co-author with Hartley Goldstone and Keith Whitaker of Family Trusts: a Guide for Beneficiaries, Trustees, Trust Creators, and Trust Protectors. All of Jay’s books have been published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Jay is also the author of numerous articles on family governance and wealth preservation and a series of Reflections which can be found on his website

Jay is a fellow with Wise Counsel Research, a think-tank and consultancy focused on wealth and philanthropy. He was the founder of a law partnership in New York City specializing in the representation of private clients throughout the world and is now retired from the active practice of law. He is a frequent lecturer for and member of the Purposeful Planning Institute. He is also an early member of the Family Firm Institute and has lectured for them at a number of their annual gatherings. He has spoken frequently at numerous international and domestic symposia on the avoidance of the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves proverb and the growth of families’ human, intellectual, social, spiritual and financial capitals toward their families’ flourishing. He is an advisor to the Kai Feng Family Heritage Institute located at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China whose mission is to bring to Chinese families the Globe’s knowledge on how to nurture the growth of great families.

Jay is an emeritus member of the Board of Prescott College, a Counselor to the Family Office Exchange, an emeritus member of the Board of The Philanthropic Initiative; an emeritus faculty member of the Institute for Private Investors; a retired member of the Board of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, and a retired member of the Board of the Rocky Mountain Institute. He is a member of boards of various private trust companies, an advisor to numerous investment institutions, a member of a number of private philanthropic boards, and a member of the editorial boards of various professional journals. Mr. Hughes was a partner of the law firms of Coudert Brothers and Jones, Day, Reavis and Pogue. He is a graduate of the Far Brook School, which teaches through the Arts, The Pingry School, Princeton University and The Columbia School of Law. He is one of the thirteen founders of the Collaboration for Family Flourishing; recipient of the Private Asset Management Lifetime Achievement Award, the Ackerman Institute Family Partner Award and the Family Office Exchange Founders Award.

While Jay no longer accepts speaking or consulting engagements, he encourages interested parties to contact his partner, Dr. Keith Whitaker, at (617) 272-6407 or

Ian McDermott

Ian McDermott, PPI Dean of Innovation & Learning, Founder and Chief Executive of International Teaching Seminars (ITS)

A thought leader in the field of innovation and leadership Ian McDermott is the father of the Coach Approach. Currently being rolled out in 145 countries this makes it possible for anyone to learn how to draw the best out of others and foster a learning culture – be it in a team or a family.

Ian is Founder and Chief Executive of International Teaching Seminars (ITS) which recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The mission of ITS is to give individuals, firms and families the skills to innovate their own solutions. It has done this with hundreds of organizations and thousands of people around the world.

Based in Connecticut, the author of fifteen books on systems thinking, NLP and coaching, Ian is also at home in Europe. He is External Faculty at Henley Business School and an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University Business School where his focus is on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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