White Water Rafting & Mt. Evans Tour

Monday, July 18th (early morning through about 6pm)

For those who are looking for a true Colorado experience and some real adventure! Participants will meet early at the Four Seasons and travel to Idaho Springs (45 minutes) to the Colorado Adventure Center for a White Water Rafting trip (beginner & intermediate options available). Followed by lunch (break into small groups – many great options for lunch for all dietary desires) in the small mountain town of Idaho Springs. The group will then drive up Mt. Evans - the highest paved road in North America! Beautiful and scenic drive to the top (alpine lakes, massive granite walls and strands of twisted, ancient bristlecone pine, mountain goats and bighorn sheep prancing around). Then remain at the summit parking lot with amazing views or walk ~100 yards for a bit more of a view! 

PPI member Jeff Savlov is organizing this trip based on his mind-blowing experience doing the same itinerary in 2019.  For more information please contact Jeff at jsavlov@blumandsavlov.com.

*This is an at-your-own risk activity and is not sponsored or organized by the Purposeful Planning Institute*