Thank you for requesting access to Philanthropy in the Time of COVID-19 with Richard Woo, Senior Advisor in Philanthropy, Impact Investing & Social Equity, hosted by Bruce DeBoskey, Founder & President, The DeBoskey Group. Please note, the free replay of this session will be available for a limited time!

Guest Speaker: Richard Woo, Senior Advisor in Philanthropy, Impact Investing & Social Equity

Host: Bruce DeBoskey, Founder & President, The DeBoskey Group


Description: Richard Woo, family foundation national thought-leader and practitioner, joins us for discussion about philanthropy in this time of the pandemic. Learn how foundations and other donors across the country are responding to the crisis and how you, and your clients, can have the greatest impact with nonprofit organizations responding to the growing needs of people in communities across our nation and beyond.

Key Points:

  • Now is the rainy day you’ve been waiting for.  The demand has never been higher for services provided by nonprofits, especially those that provide safety net services, and it is only expected to grow in the coming months​.
  • Increase or maintain your funding levels.  Your support during this crisis is essential to the survival of these organizations.
  • Use a racial justice lens when making your giving decisions.  It is vital that philanthropic responses don’t inadvertently perpetuate and exacerbate existing bias, racial inequity, and injustice through their giving.
  • Provide unrestricted funding and/or remove restrictions on existing grants.  This can include converting project-based grants to unrestricted support and accelerating payment schedules.
  • Consider alternatives to liquidating assets to provide immediate support in your community. For example, by taking out a line of credit, a donor or foundation can provide a loan to a nonprofit for immediate support without the risk of liquidating assets when the markets are low.

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