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Guest Speakers: Kristin MacDermott, Founder and Creator of the MacDermott Method and Jocelyn Baker, Author, Editor & Ghostwriter

Host: Timothy J. Belber, Founder & Principal of The Alchemia Group LLC, PPI Dean of Fusion


​​Description:  Conversation is the backbone of the relationship you have with your children. If your conversations are strong, so are your relationships. This goes for any relationship—whether it is with your spouse, your sister, your friend, or your boss. It is particularly true in the parent/child relationship. After all, your children are looking to you as their model for building paradigms about the world and their role in it.  In this program, we focus on both the conversations and the related strategies for raising children who are resilient, who have strong relationships with their parents, and who are able to bypass the high levels of anxiety that so many children face.

Key Points:

  • They key to raising resilient children is establishing strong relationships through strong conversations.  Once you have established that strong foundation, you can then nurture self-esteem and train for self-efficacy, which are essential to developing resilience.
  • Develop responsibility and self-efficacy in youngsters by transferring responsibility in age-appropriate ways.  Ask children to do the things they are capable of doing.  And more importantly, let them make decisions about how they will spend their time, what they will pursue, how they will react in situations.
  • Children are experiencing unprecedented amounts of anxiety. ​​We can’t prevent the obstacles, but we can give children the tools to cope with them.  ​When we start early with children, we can help them develop the skills they need to cope before they experience something traumatic.​

Reading Recommendation: ​It Takes Two Minutes to Shift Your Mindset and Build Resilience by Kristin MacDermott​

Purposeful Quote: “We should be careful not to make the intellect our God. It has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality. It cannot lead. It can only serve.” –Albert Einstein​

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