Date: October 16, 2018

Time: Noon ET (60 Minutes)

Guest Speaker: Erik Gabrielson, Partner, Activ8

Host: Ian McDermott, PPI Dean of Innovation & Learning, Founder and Chief Executive of International Teaching Seminars (ITS)

Join us for an interactive conversation with Erik Gabrielson and Ian McDermott on how experiential learning can turbo charge transformational results with families and their advisors.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Erik heads up Activ8’s performance training team, mentoring our consultants and engaging with clients in the learning laboratory and the outdoor experiences. With a focus on personal awareness, effective communication, and team performance, Erik has over 15 years of experience in training individuals, families, teams and organizations to achieve high performance.

Ten years ago, Erik experienced an event that helped him see the importance of clarity over certainty.  He now incorporates his experience of getting clear and why, and the practices to support it, into helping others achieve high performance in their life, family and business.  Erik’s background spans working in finance, real estate and global supply logistics. He has leveraged his business experience to design and develop relevant learning into direct application of business initiatives.

Erik grew up alpine ski racing where he learned the value of taking action within fear and experiencing the exhilaration that waits on the other side. Erik continues to pursue various outdoor adventures, especially if he can include his son Kieran.

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