Wisdom in Wondering and Wandering: Trusting Improvisation, Navigating with No Map, Welcoming Uncertainty

October 10, 2023

at 12:00 pm EST

Guest Speaker(s):
Dr. Lorne Buchman, President Emeritus, ArtCenter College of Design
Stephanie West Allen, JD, PPI Dean of Neuroscience, Improvisation, and Contemplative Practices

 Is it true that Michelangelo saw the angel within the stone and liberated the sculpture? Did he instead begin the making of the sculpture and discover what he was creating as he moved forward on a path of uncertainty? Our featured webinar guest Dr. Lorne Buchman has researched the creative process and interviewed many creators. In his book Make to Know: From Spaces of Uncertainty to Creative Discovery, he shows us the creative journey that begins with not knowing but moving forward anyway. As he explains, the make-to-know path is very common.

In this webinar we will discuss with Dr. Buchman this way of creating, a way that has value not only for writers, painters, sculptors, weavers, and others traditionally known as artists; but also for any of us creating a meal or garden, resolving a conflict, or developing a plan or solution for or with a client. We will consider the vital importance, when making to know, of self-knowledge, of self-awareness. And we will talk about what we can discover about ourselves when following this path.

Introduction to our Guest Speaker(s)

Lorne Buchman is president emeritus of ArtCenter College of Design. He previously served as president of Saybrook University and California College of the Arts (CCA). He holds a PhD from Stanford University and a BA from the University of Toronto. He founded Buchman Associates, a consulting firm focused on facility development projects for nonprofit organizations. A key venture was his leadership of the highly acclaimed Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, an international center dedicated to disability rights and universal access. A trained theater director and scholar, Buchman is the author of Make to Know: From Spaces of Uncertainty to Creative Discovery.



Webinar Host

Stephanie West Allen’s career history includes lawyer, candy maker, high school teacher, cocktail waitress, juvenile probation officer, and college instructor. Her diverse background allows her to bring a multidisciplinary approach to the workshops she presents (and has presented for several decades) on topics such as the neuroscience of conflict resolution, improvisation, writing, creativity, and the benefits of play. 

Stephanie practiced law in California for several years, held offices in local bar associations, and wrote chapters for California Continuing Education of the Bar. While in CA, Stephanie completed a number of five-day mediation training programs, including several with the Center for Mediation in Law, and a two-year intensive with Center co-founder Gary Friedman. She has been a mediator for over three decades.

Stephanie consulted with lawyers and law firms for many years, and spent a number of years as lawyer training director at a large firm. She also designed and presented Continuing Legal Education programs. She has taught workshops around the US, including such venues as Portland State University and Smithsonian Institution.

She is the author of Creating Your Own Funeral or Memorial Service: A Workbook and many articles on workplace and professional issues for such publications as Lawyer Hiring and Training ReportColorado NurseThe Complete LawyerNational Law JournalOf CounselThe Jury ExpertLaw PracticeDenver Business Journal, and TRIAL.

Stephanie co-wrote “The Human Factor,” a column on alternative dispute resolution for The Complete Lawyer. She also wrote the column “Reading Minds” for the ABA’s Law Practice.

She has designed and taught courses at such institutions as Hastings College of the Law, University of Colorado-Denver, and Regis University (Denver). In her Attention Choreography programs, she shows people how to use their minds to change their brains in order to break and create habits, increase focus and awareness, and achieve goals. She has developed and delivered seminars on the neuroscience of writing, looking at the role of the mind and the brain in both the writing process and the reading experience.

Stephanie is dedicated to continuing her learning and thus regularly attends professional conferences, including those sponsored by the Association for Psychological Science, Women Writing the West, Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop, and Learning & the Brain. She is a member of several professional organizations, including Association for Psychological Science and a number of writing organizations.

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