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Guest Speakers: Ella Chase and Michelle Langdon, Founders of Wellth Works and Veronica Yepez Reyna, CEO of Perpetum Family Office

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: Join Michelle Langdon & Ella Chase of Wellth Works, and Veronica Yepez of Perpetum Family Office, to have a conversation with three female family leaders from Mexico and USA who have taken over or are considering their role as leaders in their family’s organizations.  Together we will address the challenges and opportunities they face, the tools and strategies that have served them and perhaps most importantly how we continue to elevate the power, contribution and impact of women at the Family Enterprise.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers


Ella Chase Hyland                Michelle Langdon

At Wellth Works, we understand the challenges of navigating a complicated family dynamic, wealth transfer, and defining one’s individual identity—especially for the next generation of ambitious, intentional women. We seek to empower the rising generation with the tools and resources they need to communicate and bond with their families through connection and shared experiences, shared and evolving values, and a desire to cultivate a life of purpose, significance, and joy.

Michelle Langdon and Ella Chase Hyland established Wellth Works in 2016, after a year of intensive global research and development aimed at bringing global tools and resources to multi-generational Families of Influence. The Wellth Works team has deep, personal experience in multi-generational wealth, providing a unique vantage point to address challenges across the spectrum. Michelle is a G2 asset recipient and experienced the dynamics of building, growing, and ultimately selling a family business, as well as the consequences of such a decision. Ella is a G6/7 asset recipient from a hundred-plus-year family and has seen the burdens and blessing of complex, multi-generational preparation and transfer.

The team has a collective 25 years of experience in behavioral economics, diplomacy, international conflict resolution, negotiation, and closing multimillion-dollar deals with both Fortune 500 executives and billion-dollar privately held companies. Both founders deeply believe in experience through travel as a great equalizer and game changer for personal and professional enhancement. Collectively Ella and Michelle have traveled to over 90 countries enjoy sharing their insights and lessons learned to families and family offices of all sizes.

Veronica Yepez Reyna

Veronica is an expert in the family dynamics of enterprising families with more than twenty years working around the world, helping some of the most affluent and influential international families align with their full potential. Her experience spans a breadth of family wealth disciplines from cross-border and inter-generational transfer of wealth strategies, fiduciary practices, next generation empowerment, family office architecture and succession planning and governance for families and their businesses. Her work focuses on connecting the operation of ownership structures with the human component, helping
enterprising families elevate their conversations and decision making.

Veronica has earned the reputation of “NextGen Whisperer”. As the founder of the Center for the Next Generation at Perpetum she has spent hundreds of hours listening and supporting the inheritors of family businesses and enterprises to find their voice, create efficient strategies to fulfill their purpose and build strong family relationships. She designed a unique program for Board Preparation of Family Members certified by the Mexican Stock Exchange (BIVA) and she co-founded the WorldWide Women’s Council (W^3C) where leading female inheritors find a space to raise.

Veronica’s dad was the founder of a very successful business that was lost due to negative family dynamics. At 11 years she saw her dad lose his family business and more importantly, the relationship with some of his siblings for the rest of his life. It has been her mission to bring the right tools and help families avoid a destructive loss of their legacy.

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