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Guest Speakers: Michelle Langdon and Ella Chase Hyland, Founders of Wellth Works

Host: John “John A” Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: We rarely get to hear from the rising gen directly–and perhaps less than even from women within this generation– about what they’re thinking, and what’s important for them. In this session, Ella and Michelle bring a few of them together for a vibrant panel discussion about what’s really on their mind.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Ella Chase Hyland is the co-founder of Wellth Works, and a 6th generation asset recipient from a hundred-plus-year family who has seen the burdens and blessing of complex, multi-generational preparation and transfer. Ella is a dynamic and innovative speaker, facilitator, and mentor. She is a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, and organizational turnaround.  Wellth Works is a leading provider of coaching and consulting for emerging and established female family leaders.

Ella is a certified CTI professional coach, and is a Northeastern University alumnus, having graduated summa cum laude with dual bachelor’s degrees. You can find Ella traveling the globe, exploring new cultures and adventures, especially those that involve being in, or on, water.

Michelle Langdon is the co-founder of Wellth Works – a leading provider of coaching and consulting for emerging and established female family leaders.  She is a trained professional coach, international economist, and a former advisor to governments around the world. She comes from a big, entrepreneurial family and is passionate about bridging the generational divide and empowering women in family businesses.  Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a Master’s in International Economics and Development from Johns Hopkins University. You can find Michelle teaching and practicing yoga, traveling, and stepping out of her comfort zone in her spare time.

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