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Guest Speakers: Mimi Ramsey, ACC, Wealth Transition Coach and Stephanie Hardwick Life & Leadership Coach, Thriving with Wealth

Host: Matthew Wesley, JD, MDiv, Managing Director, Merrill Center for Family Wealth™, PPI Dean of Family Culture

Description: All of us have advised families where someone in their 20s lacks direction or motivation to move forward into their adult lives. Stephanie Hardwick and Mimi Ramsey do coaching work to help young adults find direction and purpose in their lives. They would tell you that any system – and particular family systems that are stuck – is perfectly arranged to get the results it is getting. Stephanie and Mimi’s work helps families unravel this perfect system and gain the support they need to face the challenges of living with new, inherited, or established family wealth. They help to build the mindset and skillset uniquely required to have a life of meaning and purpose amid wealth’s unique complexities. Please join us in what promises to be a vibrant, practical conversation about helping young adults get out of their parent’s basements and gain purpose, meaning, and direction in their lives.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

I help individuals and families navigate the unexpected challenges that new wealth can bring about. The clients I specialize with are people who come into wealth through an inheritance, business transaction, or financial settlement, and have realized that having wealth isn’t as easy as they expected. Along with all the benefits come new responsibilities that can be intimidating.

Working with clients around the country, I support people preparing for the responsibilities of wealth. An astute listener and effective guide, I have helped hundreds of clients go beyond the dollars and cents of managing wealth to tackle the worries that have them stuck — so they can break free and enjoy life more.

Prior to establishing an independent practice, I worked for over 20 years with two national private banking firms leading Planning, Investment, Credit, and Trust specialists in strategies that protect clients’ assets and prepare families for wealth transitions. My greatest joy was helping clients to reduce their worries and make easier decisions about their wealth plans.

Being awarded an ACC certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) means I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying, refining my skills under mentored supervision, and then demonstrating exceptional proficiency as a coaching professional. I am proud to be a member of the SeattleCoach Certified community.

I have been coaching, counseling and facilitating since 2004.  I fully support my clients in navigating life, love, parenting and leadership.  We work on the mindset and skillset required to live well and increase the capacity to respond to challenges with grace and ease.  We uncover the infinite, resourceful, and creative potential that is within every human being.    I am fascinated by the human experience and I am constantly expanding my understanding of life and how it works.  I invest heavily in my education and am addicted to learning.  I began working with clients navigating the complexities of abundance when I opened my practice in 2007.  Doing business in a prosperous part of the country, I am well versed in understanding the unique challenges that high income and wealth present to parenting, relationships or establishing yourself as a young adult.  I specialize in what it means to be successful, both inside and out.

After careers in finance, the airline industry and biotechnology, I pursued a Master’s Degree from the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University. I started my career as a therapist and coach and now focus on coaching exclusively.  The therapeutic approach of understanding and learning from the past is important. However, I am most interested in moving clients beyond their conditioning, fears, and perceived limitations to create a future and life that thrives.  As both a trained therapist and coach, I bring an educated depth to my work that covers the full spectrum of conversations and challenges.

I am recognized for my insight, authentic presence and strong client relationships.  I deeply care about this work and the great clients I have the honor of serving.  I partner with clients at all stages of life to create breakthroughs in self-awareness, relationships and resilience that lead to both success and fulfillment.

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