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Guest Speaker: Josh Patrick, Founder, Stage 2 Planning Partners and PPI Dean of Sustainable Business Enterprises

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: Too often our business owner clients think the term sale ready means, they are about to sell their company. It’s not. Sale ready is the step you take after you’ve created an economically and personally sustainable business. When your client’s company is sale ready, they will have created a business that others would love to own. At the same time, the owner will not want to sell their business. The reason is simple, they’re making too much money and having too much fun to sell. Join us as you learn what sale ready is and the steps your business owner clients need to take to make their business one that others would want to own, even if they no interest in selling.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Josh Patrick has been fascinated with entrepreneurs since he was 12 years old. He is a serial entrepreneur himself and has helped hundreds of business owners find hidden value in their business. He has a strong belief that advisors need to treat business owners like the experts they are and find ways to first collaborate with clients. He finds that helping business owners discover their hidden talents is a first step towards creating extreme value in private businesses.

Josh is a Certified Financial Planner®, a Certified Financial Transitionist®, a Chartered Financial Consultant®, a Chartered Life Underwriter®, a serial entrepreneur, a writer, reader and thinker.  He is a contributor to The New York Times’  You’re the Boss blog as well as the author of our Stage 2 blog, Creating Value.  He has written for American Express Open as well as Inc.com and the Huffington Post.  He now has a beat with Forbes.com where he writes about succession issues for private business owners.

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