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Guest Speaker: Jed Emerson, Senior Research Fellow, University of Heidelberg’s Center on Social Investing

Host:  Bruce DeBoskey, JD, Philanthropic Strategist, The DeBoskey Group & PPI Dean of Philanthropy

Description:  Over recent years, impact investing has gone from the fringe to the mainstream, with most major investment firms offering impact strategies and a growing number of investors interested in understanding how they might invest with impact. In the United States alone, over $12 trillion is currently invested within a sustainable, impact and/or responsible strategy.

Much has been written about how to develop and apply impact investing strategies, yet many are finding truly effective execution rests upon a deeper exploration of why asset owners should invest with an impact orientation. Recognized as an international leader in the impact investing field, Jed Emerson’s latest book, The Purpose of Capital: Elements of Impact, Financial Flows and Natural Being, explores not only the why of impact investing, but the roots of how we understand the historic purpose of capital and the meaning of money.

Whereas many advisors promote a set of answers or solutions for impact investing, Emerson asks asset owners to first sit more deeply with the questions of why they are investing and how we define the historic and cultural backdrop against which our investing takes place, before we lock into any single set of solutions to our investment challenges.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Jed Emerson is strategic advisor to family offices, foundations and wealth management firms executing diverse approaches to investing for financial returns with social and environmental impact. Emerson has worked with and advised investment firms executing global public equity, direct private equity, hedge fund and strategic philanthropic strategies.

Co-author of the first book on impact investing, as well as seven other books on impact investing and social entrepreneurship, he has been active in both fields for thirty years. He has served as founding director and board member of diverse social enterprises and impact investment groups.

Emerson is a Senior Research Fellow at University of Heidelberg’s Center on Social Investing and has held faculty appointments at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford business schools. He has taught social entrepreneurship at Kellogg Business School and NYU-Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E.

Emerson’s latest book is available via free e-book download at The Purpose of Capital.  Those participating in this webinar may find it of interest to review the book in advance of our session.

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