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Trust Protectors and Decanting are elements of the Key of Flexible Rigidity.  But how can we be sure that the changes which a Trust Protector or a decanting process may introduce will be aligned with the original vision of the Trust Creator?  And what if a client has an existing irrevocable trust agreement which was established long before they began to develop their Purposeful Mindset?  Is there a way they can bring their voice, vision, values and wisdom into that previously drafted document?  These are some of the critical questions we will be exploring in this session.

In This Webinar We Will Discuss:

  • The New Wine in Old Bottles Conundrum
  • What is Decanting and How Many States Permit Decanting? In what direction is the trend of decanting going?
  • Should You Decant into a Purposeful Trust or “Amend” the Existing Trust to Make It More Purposeful?
  • Is there a link between the Why a Trust? Why This Trust? Exercise and ascertaining what a client’s material purposes for their trust are?
  • How do material purposes intersect with this Key of Flexible Rigidity?
  • What is a Trust Compass?
  • What is a Trust Protector and what is the history of Trust Protectors?
  • It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No It’s a Trust Protector – Uses and Abuses of Trust Protectors in the Purposeful Trust Universe

This session is for PPI members who have signed up for the 2019/20 Purposeful Trusts & Gifts Mastery Program.  Contact us for more information or to register.