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Guest Speaker: Simon Bowen, Founder of The Models Method Pty Ltd, Australia

Host: Thomasina Williams and Lindsay Pope

Description: The concept of “Family Learning” is one that has gained significant traction. Why? What purpose does “Family Learning” serve? What constitutes “Family Learning,” and what is the advisor’s role in advancing “Family Learning”? In this first session in a three-part series on “Family Learning,” Simon Bowen shares his approach to using visual models to unpack complex concepts, transform thinking, and accelerate influence. Simon will illustrate the power of visual models to advance “Family Learning” by creating a model that outlines an approach to thinking about the questions raised above and the multiplicity of forces impacting families.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Simon Bowen is the Founder of The Models Method® and creator of the flagship Genius Model®. His work with visual models is used in over 15 countries around the world, and in an array of industries ranging from military shipbuilding to professional services.

Simon’s storied career began in electrics and electronics, which gave him a deep understanding of the nature of pure logic and the Scientific Method. His second career as a teacher and lecturer, from high school through to college, developed his knowledge and abilities in influencing how others receive and act on ideas presented to them.

His later corporate roles in organizational change, coupled with his executive leadership in sales and as second-in-charge of a large, multi-million-dollar manufacturing business unit, developed and sharpened his
business skills.

Over the last 25 years, Simon’s work has focused on consulting on large and complex issues and elevated his wealth of experience to a depth of insight into organizational and human performance that is unique in its capacity to differentiate and elevate his clients’ results.

Simon holds multiple tertiary qualifications in education and business and is an accredited facilitator in a number of behavioral and talent profiling instruments. He also holds accreditation for delivery of specific leadership programs, such as the John Maxwell Leadership Programs.

Simon blends the pragmatism of the Scientific Method, with deep insights into human behavior to create highly engaging and extraordinarily transformational techniques to demystify complex issues and identify fast influence strategies that drive the desired results.

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