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Guest Speakers: Ryan Ponsford & Yale Levey, Founders of Gateway for Good

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: We live in a world of unprecedented technological connection but one that is becoming increasingly divided.  Why? What steps can we take to begin reuniting our divided world?  If the answer is for people to care more about each other, listen carefully, seek to understand, and ultimately to love each other just a bit more, how can we initiate that transformation within our families, organizations and communities?  How can we become better facilitators and collaborators in making that a reality?    What if the catalyst was right here in front of us?  What if giving is the antidote for the division we see?  Join us as we share how igniting a philanthropic movement from the inside out can be a step in reuniting a divided world.

In this program, you will be introduced to a digital tool that integrates the power of technology and the personal connection we achieve when having conversations with others.  You will be shown how you can use this tool to facilitate meaningful conversations and stimulate thought through a philanthropic lens.

Gateway for Good has created a process designed to uncover two key ingredients that are essential in the most meaningful giving experiences; Identifying the causes that matter most to us and understanding our unique personal strengths and resources for helping others.  If combined and acted upon, these two things can serve to foster greater giving impact, accelerate connection between people from all backgrounds, and lead the giver to feeling a sense of personal growth and satisfaction.

Following this program, attendees will be given an opportunity to participate in a special PPI pilot of the digital Make a Difference Experience so that you too can enhance your own philanthropic journey and help to reunite a divided world.

Objective:  Ignite a movement by tapping into the incredible capacity and empathetic awareness within the PPI community to Reunite a Divided World.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Ryan Ponsford has been accused of being a dreamer. He has been told that it can’t be done. But having grown up with a family story that includes the achievement of dreams, he knows nothing other than the notion that there is no dream too large that we cannot achieve. On a mission to solve the issue of families falling apart when wealth is transferred to future generations, he stumbled upon the power of philanthropy as a tool to foster connection, communication, and financial understanding. Through his firm, Akili Capital, Ryan has served some of the nation’s wealthiest families, providing multi-generational wealth and philanthropic strategies, is often an advisor to their advisors, and is a sought after speaker at conferences, events, and retreats throughout the United States. As the founder of the non- profit organization, Main Street Philanthropy, and co-founder of the public benefit corporation, Gateway for Good, Ryan has designed and implemented programs for youth, families,companies, and organizations across the nation, each leveraging giving as the catalyst to reunite our divided world. 

Yale Levey is forward-thinking, purpose-driven, conversation-starting entrepreneur with a background in wealth management and philanthropic planning.  Working with families, businesses and not-for-profit organizations, Yale has led the way in igniting discussions beyond wealth and profitability into conversations about impact and significance.  As a co-founder of Gateway for Good, he understands and believes that philanthropy and giving are perhaps the best tools we have available to reunite a divided world.  As a co-creator of Main Street Philanthropy, he is on the forefront of creating a new and robust population of young philanthropists with a passion for improving the world.  As a leader in several philanthropic professional organizations, Yale has shown professional colleagues how they can have a more impactful and meaningful business without sacrificing growth or profitability.  And, in his work with not-for-profits, he has served as a catalyst in creating millions of dollars of legacy gifts consistent with donor’s social desires.

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