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Guest Speakers: 
Natalie Wagner Willis (CFRC), Content Curator and Podcast Host, The What is Finology? Project
Jacob Wagner (CDMP), Lead Curator, Project Manager and Producer, The What is Finology? Project

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: In 2017, PPI lost a great thinker, the father of finology (the study of our interior, or personal, relationships with money and reciprocity), and the Dean of Finology here at PPI, Richard (Dick) Wagner. Foreseeing that he would not finish the work himself, Dick always intended his insights and questions regarding finology to be pursued by those coming behind him. Thankfully, Dick’s children are both finologists and are committed to continuing his work with the What is Finology? Project!

Now it’s our turn! John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute, has invited us deeper into the PPI work and community with our upcoming Collaboratory: PPI and Finology, 2.0. Join us to learn more!  We’ll use meditation and story to take an intimate dive into our own interior money lives, talk about why this work is imperative in the context of Purposeful Planning, and unite the PPI world and the What is Finology? Project in our pursuit to improve lives through the exploration of money, reciprocity and the human experience.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Natalie Wagner Willis is a finologist, philosopher, money-wellness coach, owner/founder of VitalFinancials, and the daughter of Dick (Richard) Wagner, JD,CFP(R) (the original Dean of Finology at PPI).

Both Natalie and her co-presenter, Jake, were raised to believe that “money can and should be used for great good” (R.Wagner). As the daughter of Dick and a social-philosopher, Natalie has been studying people and money throughout her life. And after realizing the profound power of the perspective above, she became committed to making this a reality.

Natalie is with the WiFi? Project because she believes that our human, finological relationships with money are the key. Developing finology as a field will open up our minds to our personal relationships with money and deepen our individual and collective understandings. Having integrity in our relationships with money is imperative for healthy people, healthy cultures, and a healthy world.

Natalie is the founder/operator of VitalFinancials, LLC, and has been practicing as a money- wellness coach since 2011. She is proud to have authored 2 unique and new approaches to the finology of personal cash flow, Money Breath, and The Money Energy Cycle.

When not absorbed in pondering people and money, Natalie is raising 3 beautiful boys and supporting her husband and his fabulous food truck! ~ She holds self-care, creatively, and play as daily values, and is passionate about saving the world.

Jake got his first computer in 1985.  He was six.  It didn’t have a modem or a hard drive but had Super VGA and had a whopping 2MB of RAM.  His fascination with technology grew as the internet came into being.  He has watched the it evolve which brings a unique wisdom and acumen to address and understand and coach his clients.

His first job after receiving his Psychology B.A. from the College of Wooster was with a boutique financial planning firm in the Loop of Chicago.  After this he moved to boulder to participate in the hey day with the Integral Institute and after was a supervisor with the data mining firm Umbria Communications.

Jake has worked for several RIAs.  He has been listening and learning from the leaders of the financial planning profession since early adulthood.  This has instilled in him a stewardships to help as many people receive financial advice as possible by helping financial planners attract their ideal clients.

He has been listening to the needs and concerns of the financial planning community throughout his professional career.  He brings the knowledge he acquired from these companies to his current clients.  His first online advisor training program was wile he was the manager of Community Relations for the online Registered Investment Advisor Myfinancialadvice in a project called Online Advisor Central.

In 2013 Jake started Wagner Communication Systems.  It was easy to see how difficult the internet and software landscape can be for Certified Financial Planners™.  He established the firm to help CFP® Professionals by coaching and implementing the best compliant digital marketing strategies available.  After working under the Wagner Communication Systems banner for 2 years Jake started the Digital Marketing 4FP podcast and in May of 2017 he rebranded his firm to Digital Marketing 4FP, LLC.

We bridge the gap between your tech needs, the six step financial planning model taught by the CFP Board and approved certificate programs and matches that with your business’s demands to create an engaging high tech / high touch experience for you and your clients. Our solutions enrich your firm’s online presence and support you and improve your bottom line with contemporary digital marketing strategies.

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