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Guest Speakers: Erik Gabrielson, Partner, Activ8 and Moira Petit, PhD, Partner, Activ8

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description:  A conversation with the authors of Our Fear Never Sleeps, Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit – Persevering less than a 25% chance of survival at birth, a boy teaches us the power of clarity, collaboration and gratitude.  Explore lessons from our son and what it took to save him.  Learn intentional practices you can put in place to bring a family together to create a highly collaborative team with a shared purpose, working together to achieve a seemingly unattainable goal.  Step into discomfort, into the unknown, to connect, learn and take effective action together.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit cofounded Activ8 in 2010 to support healthy high performing communities. They believe that untapped potential lives in us all, and often it is current limiting beliefs and fears that get in the way of what is possible. Together they bring a rich mix of knowledge and experience that support coaching, connecting, and engaging families, teams and communities. Their experience with their unborn son’s diagnosis brought those tools alive in their own lives, which they now speak and write about.

For the past eighteen years, Erik has focused on coaching individuals, families, and teams to see and commit to reaching new levels of individual and collective potential. He grew up alpine ski racing where he learned the value of taking action within fear and experiencing the exhilaration that waits on the other side. Erik has leveraged his experience to help teams and multigenerational families unleash the power of their people in business and family relationships.

Moira spent the early part of her career in academia teaching and researching high performing athletes and applying that learning into a focus of building healthy active communities across various populations with limited resources. Her published, peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters on issues related to sports medicine, physical activity, and health became a launch pad to apply her research into supporting clients as they strive for new levels of health and performance.
Erik and Moira live with their son and Labrador in Saint Paul, Minnesota where they enjoy being outside in all four seasons.

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