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Guest Speakers: Jamie Traeger-Muney, Ph.D., Founding Principal of Wealth Legacy Group and Kristin Keffeler, MSM, Principal, Illumination360, Dean of Family Sustainability & Empowerment

Host: James Grubman, PhD, Principal, Family Wealth Consulting, PPI Fellow

Description: In the closing address of the 2019 Rendezvous, Jim Grubman extended a call to action to move our field from what he calledWealth 2.0 to Wealth 3.0. He outlined what we need to do to accomplish this, including having our work with clients be grounded in real data and a positive, strengths-based approach. Our research, studying Financially Diverse Couples, is working to heed this call as we enter the second phase of the study. Join Kristin Keffeler and Jamie Traeger-Muney in a discussion moderatedby Jim Grubman, exploring what we learned in Phase I, how we are expanding the research in Phase II, and our goal to create a practical, research-based roadmap to best support this population and their advisors.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Kristin Keffeler

Kristin Keffeler, MSM, is the founder and owner of Illumination360. She is an advisor and certified professional coach with specializations in business design, human motivation and behavioral change, family dynamics, and the ‘inner work’ of money. Her background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Public Health.

She is a trained and certified professional coach specializing in peak performance and soup-to-nuts business and idea development and implementation.

Kristin is the fourth child and only daughter of a highly successful entrepreneurial father and a mother who is a gifted writer. Both modeled for Kristin the roadmap of turning vision-to-action through innovative thinking, big ideas, courageous leaps of faith and daily tenacity.

As an entrepreneur, a Next Gen Leader, and a raving fan of her own family of origin, she stands in the shoes of all three niche markets she serves. She started her firm in 2005 and it has become her ‘living laboratory’ for uncovering her own Big Idea and finding the path to thriving in the presence of family wealth.

Dr. Jamie Traeger-Muney specializes in the emotional impact of wealth on inheritors, women, and couples.

She has revolutionized the conversation of wealth and worth by providing an opportunity to openly discuss the roles money plays in her client’s lives, enabling them to be passionately engaged in the world and to lead a rich life. She works with multi-generational families, helping them to concretize their values, develop a vision for their future, and create sound governance structures.

Jamie’s personal experience as an owner of a family business and board member of her family foundation, combined with her theoretical and practical expertise in wealth psychology, has given her a unique sensitivity to issues surrounding the inter-generational family dynamics of affluence.

Jamie has been featured in major media outlets such as: Reuters, BBC, Huffington Post’s Third Metric, WSJ, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. She is a regular contributor to Thrive Global and has been named as one of Medium’s top financial writers. Jamie is currently writing a book entitled, Thrive & Help Thrive: Leveraging Your True Net Worth to Create Positive Impact in the World.

Jamie also has the distinction of being the first psychologist ever to be hired as an employee of a bank, to work with their clients. She worked as a Family Wealth Consultant for Wells Fargo’s Family Wealth Group, a multi-family office platform serving families with $50 million and above in investable assets.

Jamie has been married for almost 25 years and has two children. She believes strongly in a need to give back to her community, offering pro bono expertise to nonprofit agencies and serving on several community boards.

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