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Guest Speaker: Moira Somers, Ph.D., C.Psych., Author, Advice that Sticks

Host: Susan Bradley, CFP® , CeFT®, Founder, Sudden Money Institute, PPI Dean of Transitions

An interview with Dr. Moira Somers on the difficult topic of protecting families and boards from the impact of a disease that is misunderstood and destructive, dementia. We will shape the conversations around Moira’s research and her direct experience that lead to a protocol for early detection. As Certified Financial Transitionistist® we see this disease as one of life’s major pivot points. All transitions benefit from preparation during an Anticipation Stage. We have integrated Mori’s protocol in our work with Families In Transitions. It is a pleasure to share it with PPI members.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

I am a psychologist, professor, author and executive coach based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My work is divided between direct client services, on the one hand, and consulting to business and financial services, on the other.

I bring an uncommon combination of expertise in neuroscience, financial psychology, mental health, and behaviour change to bear on a  wide range of personal and professional challenges. My coaching clients are successful women and men who want to excel in their professional and personal lives. Executives from technical fields such as engineering, finance and high tech work with me to become effective leaders who create successful, thriving workplaces. The bulk of my work is with emerging leaders, those people who have been identified as ‘high potentials’ to take over leadership positions.

As a family wealth consultant, I work with clients who want to have healthy financial attitudes and behaviours. Families reach out to me for help in dealing with sudden wealth, inter-generational wealth transfer, major life transitions such as retirement or re-marriage, and raising financially responsible children.

Financial professionals around the globe consult with me in order to address the whole spectrum of challenges their clients bring to them. These challenges include clients’ failure to act on recommendations, cognitive impairments and declining capacity, transition stress, and an array of family struggles.  Where appropriate, I provide direct services to the firm’s clients. I am a senior faculty member at the Financial Transitionist Institute, coaching experienced advisors on the neuropsychology of major life transitions.  I have delivered keynote addresses to organizations such as the National Football Players’ Association, the Financial Planning Association, XYPN Conference, and a wide array of banking, insurance, and investment companies.

My book, Advice that Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice that People Will Follow, has become an international bestseller. It tackles, head-on, the problem of unimplemented financial advice. It has been adopted as an authoritative guidebook by such diverse groups as postsecondary institutions, private firms specializing in Ultra Hight Net Worth clients, and credit counselling agencies. I offer Mastermind Groups and in-house training for those who want to increase their expertise on the personal side of financial counsel.

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