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Guest Speaker: Scott Wilhite, Family Legacy Filmmaker, HeirloomStories.tv

Host: Alison Comstock Moss, CEO, Paul Comstock Partners

Description: We’re losing family connections because we don’t share our stories. We don’t have the difficult or meaningful conversations. We don’t show up with authenticity and vulnerability. Is it any wonder that the greatest struggles most heirs have revolve around identity, purpose, vision, and a lost sense of belonging? Join us as we talk about tools you can use to create intrinsic value for your clients through the power of storytelling.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Scott Wilhite is a speaker, best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, app maker, small business owner, and at home he’s the taker-outer-of-the-trash. His favorite title is that of husband and father. His passion is helping preserve family relationships through cinematic storytelling. Through stories you can give family members a sense of purpose, identity, and a desire for belonging to something greater than themselves. He’s the founder of Bacstory.com and HeirloomStories.tv.

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