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Guest Speakers: Noam Zion, Sr. Research Fellow and Educator at the Shalom Hartman Institute & Philippe J. Weil TEP, Author and Founding Principal of P.J.Weil Ltd.

Host: Jamie Traeger-Muney, Ph.D., Founding Principal of Wealth Legacy Group

Description: In this session, we will learn 10 ways to help define and convey one’s own family identity to our heirs.

Introduction to Our Guest Speakers

Dr. Jamie Traeger-Muney specializes in the emotional impact of wealth on inheritors, women, and couples. She works with multi-generational families, helping them to concretize their values, develop a vision for their future, and create sound governance structures.

Jamie’s personal experience as a second generation owner of a family business and board member of her family foundation, combined with her theoretical and practical expertise in wealth psychology, has given her a unique sensitivity to issues surrounding the inter-generational family dynamics of affluence.

Based on research done with 4th generation family enterprises, Jamie co-authored, Social Impact in 100-Year Family Businesses: How Family Values Drive Sustainability through Philanthropy, Impact Investing, and CSR as well as part of Borrowed From Your Grandchildren.

Jamie has the distinction of being the first psychologist to be hired as an employee of a bank, to work with their clients (2007). She worked as a Family Wealth Consultant for Wells Fargo’s Family Wealth Group (now Abbot Downing), a multi-family office platform serving families with $50 million and above in investable assets.

Jamie has been married for over 25 years and has two children.

Noam Zion, now emeritus from Judaica faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem (1978-2020) specializes in rabbinic ethics especially a trilogy on the intellectual history of philanthropy entitled Jewish Giving in Comparative Perspectives (2013) and in family conflict and marital communication especially in his forthcoming  Sanctified Sex: The 2000 Year Jewish Debate on Marital Intimacy (2021). His popular publications and worldwide lecturing have promoted Homemade Judaism – empowering families to create their own pluralistic Judaism during home holidays especially  A Different Night: The Family Participation Haggadah (1997). Noam earned a graduate degree in general philosophy at Columbia University.

Outstanding moments in his personal biography include: growing up as a rabbi’s kid in his father’s Conservative synagogue in Minneapolis (where the Coen brother’s film “A Serious Man” was filmed); going on a student mission to meet Soviet Jewry in 1968 (that ended with interrogation by the KGB and expulsion from the USSR); participating in the Columbia University protests (1968, 1970); and making aliyah during the Yom Kippur War (1973). His Dutch wife Marcelle, the Lamaze teacher, gave him her last name “Zion” (in place of Sachs) and five children and twelve grandchildren.

Philippe J. Weil TEP, an established Swiss Banker, is the Founder and Managing Director of P.J.Weil Ltd. a Multi-Family Office Boutique with Offices in Tel Aviv and Zurich. He is the “Personne de Confiance” for a few selected Global Families of Wealth. Philippe and his professional Team at P.J.Weil Ltd. ensure a holistic service that includes Wealth Management, Strategic Estate Planning & Family Governance, Tax planning, Charity Consulting and Representations and also all peripheral matters like Concierge Services, Art Collection Management, Educational Seminars and others.

Philippe J. Weil is the author of “Woes of the Rich – Seeing beyond the money”. The book tries to decipher what happens in the intergenerational transfer, and suggests a series of solutions for preserving family wealth through facilitated procedures that are both financial and family oriented. Philippe brings to this book all his vast experience in working with families, managing financial portfolios and private banking, providing the reader with advice for successfully handing down both personal values and economic assets to subsequent generations. He has been featured in print, online, and television media along with multiple journal publications and speaking engagements in wealth management and family dynamics.

Prior to founding his own consultancy in 2001 Philippe built a successful career in Private Banking. He started in Switzerland in 1985 and moved to Israel in 1996. He worked for a distinguished group of international private banks and financial institutions like Julius Baer; J.P.Morgan; Republic National Bank of NY and Union Bank of Israel.

Philippe is the Founder of the Etz Rimon Charitable Foundation and a member of the Board of a few selected charities. He and his wife Orly are living in Tel Aviv together with their 3 teenage children. He shares his time between his office in Tel Aviv, his office in Zurich and wherever his clients need him.

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