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Guest Speaker: H. Barry Goodman CPA, CEPA, CMAA, CVGA, Founder & Managing Director, Birkdale Transition Partners, LLC

Host: John “John A” Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: The world is facing the largest transition of wealth in history.  The number of businesses owned by families is staggering.  Most lack the Transition-Readiness necessary to be successfully led by the next generation of leaders.  The apparent lack of preparedness leads to a huge risk, being the sustainability of the business and family.  Consequently, this is a flaming platform and if nothing is done, it will be devastating to the family, the business, employees, community, customers, suppliers and the list is endless.  In addition, many businesses are not ready to withstand a shock to the system that we are experiencing now.  This discussion will provide insights into what it means to be Transition-Ready and how Transition-Readiness creates options for the business-owning family.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

I grew up in a business owning family.  My father was a distributor of electrical supplies and lighting fixtures in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Through the experience of working in my father’s business, at a very young age, the challenges of being a family in business are engrained in my soul.

Having chosen not to go into my family’s business, I became a Certified Public Accountant and owned my own CPA firm for over 20 years and then did my own transition to be a founding partner in a firm that grew to become one of the most successful middle-market firms in Chicago.  For more than a decade after the merger, I continued to work with privately held companies in many industries.  The lessons I learned from the business owning families I served enabled me to gain a reputation for recognizing a business’ strengths and challenges and identifying what could hold it back or push it to the next level. Seeing business owners make good and poor business and transition choices made me realize I had a passion for families-in-business, and I decided to focus my expertise and hands-on expertise experienced on a disciplined approach and process tailored to families and non-family stakeholders.

To better service my clients, I have invested heavily in education.  In addition to my degree from Northern Illinois University and being a Certified Public Accountant in Illinois.  I became a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Certified Merger Acquisition Advisor and hold an Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising bestowed from the Family Firm Institute.  I speak regularly to several organizations and business groups on Value Acceleration, Growth and Transition-Readiness.  I have written an eBook, several articles and published in Family Firm Institute Publication the Practitioner.

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