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Guest Speaker: David MacMahan, Founder and President of FairSplit.com

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description:  Providing guidance beyond, “divide equally between the heirs” is essential to helping families get through the process of dividing tangible assets efficiently and peacefully. It is most often the least thought about and guided part of estate planning. However, it is almost always the most emotionally and physically challenging of estate settlement. COVID has created a giant shift in acceptance of online tools and technology to solve things once thought only could be done in person. COVID has vaulted forward the use of apps, online registrations, Zoom doctor’s appointments, mediations, etc. for people previously reluctant or not willing to use technology. This has opened the door to more efficient ways to list, share and divide personal property. Understanding that “logging in vs. flying in” can maximize transparency, minimize costs, time needed, scheduling and avoid the in-person dynamics that often fuel conflict.

FairSplit.com is currently the only dedicated online solution to estate settlement of personal property and tangible assets. Creating a private family account to upload photos, list assets, categorize, put legacy stories, appraisals, etc. is all totally free to use. In this session, FairSplit.com founder David MacMahan will provide a brief tutorial of how to use the online free tools to make listing and sharing more efficient and transparent. He will also explain how the paid upgrades to “division rounds” and using them as a third-party Administrator can smooth this often-contentious part of the family’s tasks to divide things. David will also talk about the vast array of services available from FairSplit and local representatives to help with photographing, sorting,
packing, shipping, clearing and estate that reduces the strain on an executor or trustee dealing with the tangible personal property.

Expect to learn:

  • How one can use the FREE online FairSplit tools to list, share, value and organize for estate planning
  • How their patented division process of rounds provides a proven, fair and intuitive way to divide in estate settlement
  • See a demonstration of an account to see why the online platform is so much more efficient and transparent than emailing spreadsheets, links to photo storage, or bulky appraisal binders
  • Learn about local companies that specialize in the services an executor or trustee needs to facilitate the TPP division, packing, shipping or otherwise selling or donating

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

David MacMahan is the founder and president of FairSplit.com, long time entrepreneur and someone who challenges status quo.  Over the past eleven years of working with families dividing estates, he is now widely recognized as the leading industry expert on estate division of tangible assets.  He and his company have arguably helped more heirs divide personal property assets in the past five years than anyone else in the world. He is often hired to serve as Administrator of the FairSplit process, but also as an independent third-party mediator to help keep tensions down between family members and reduce the pressure on executors of the estate, by providing an independent, third party role and the experience to help guide the family members and executor.

In past companies, David has created products that have sold millions of units through companies such as Sears, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Toys R Us, QVC, HSN, and most major mail order companies. He and his products have been featured in People, Time, Newsweek, USA Today, on CNN and many other media. Since 2000 his web-based gift services software enabled retailers to provide an eCard with gift image and message, letting people know “A Gift is On the Way!”. Among the awards and recognition his companies have garnered over the years are 8th and 11th place rankings in the KPMG and MEC Fast 50 in N.C. David is originally from North Carolina where he graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, then moved to California in 2000 after founding his first online software company in 1998.

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