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Guest Speaker: Lindsay Fletcher Hardie, PhD, Sierra Legacy Consulting, LLC

Host: Marlis Jansen, Founder of Graddha LLC

Description: This is the second part to Dr. Hardie’s presentation in October titled, “A Mindfulness- and Values-Based Coaching Approach”. In that talk, she shared how to apply Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles in the coaching context and discussed her own experience as a “married-in” to provide a case example. In ACT 2, she will present a tool called the Matrix by demonstrating how it can apply to conversations with our clients, with Marlis Jansen as co-presenter. The Matrix is useful in guiding conversations that illuminate where our clients get stuck and uncover values-based actions that lead to a more expansive way of being. This tool provides a way to increase self-awareness as advisors and coaches, deepen conversations with our clients, and increase our effectiveness with the families we serve.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Lindsay Fletcher Hardie, PhD has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for over twenty years and psychotherapy for twelve. She received a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) in 2010. Her mentor, Dr. Steven Hayes, developed a therapeutic approach that combines behavioral science and mindfulness practices, called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This therapy model identifies the processes that she has found so helpful from mindfulness traditions and defined them in a way that can be easily taught and studied. She continues to rely on ACT as a psychotherapist and coach.

During her time as a graduate student she met her future husband, Kirk. As their relationship progressed and they were married in 2010, she was introduced to his family and the family business. As they say in family business, when you marry into the family, you marry the family. She became part of a family system that offered new opportunities and responsibilities. She saw that she could offer a unique perspective to others going through similar transitions.

Lindsay and Kirk have been blessed with two young children. After taking a few years to focus on being a mom and serve on a local non-profit board, Lindsay launched a private psychology practice and a coaching business for individuals and couples with wealth called Sierra Legacy Consulting. She is honored to be a guide for others who experience the joys and challenges of living with wealth.

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