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The Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI) is dedicated to promoting and building collaboration between all of the professional disciplines and to supporting professional advisors who want to serve their clients, and their clients’ families, in deeper and more positive ways.

Collaboration Resources

Getting “Buy-In” to Develop a Collaborative Team by David W. Holaday &
John A. Warnick

The Real Work of Collaboration: Are We Kidding Ourselves? by G. Scott Budge PhD and Gregory T. Rogers with Brian Douglas

Collaboration: Friend or Foe? by Thayer Willis

Better Results Through Better Collaboration by David Holaday

Select PPI Teleconferences on Collaboration

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Five Platinum Standards for Collaborator to Live and Work By
John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder of The Purposeful Planning Institute

Radical Collaborations: Discovering the Keys to More Effective Collaborations
John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder of The Purposeful Planning Institute

Better Results Through Better Collaboration
David W. Holaday, ChFC, CAP, Founder and Managing Member of Wealth Design Consultants, LLC

Keys to Successful Collaboration
Courtney Pullen M.A., LPC, President of Pullen Consulting Group

Collaboration – Why It Isn’t Working and What You Can Do About It
Peter R. Wheeler, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, Chief Executive Officer and Dream Development Director of WheelerFrost Associates, Inc. and Founder and Managing Director of ElevateCDS, LLC.

The Multi-Discipline World of Family Business Consulting; On Becoming a Multi-Disciplinary Team
Clem Ast and John Simmering, Legasus Group

The Real Work of Collaboration
G. Scott Budge PhD and Gregory T. Rogers, RayLign Advisory LLC


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Collaboration Success Story

Emily Bouchard and Paul Hood

They are a Collaboration Success Story worth highlighting! They met at the 2011 PPI Rendezvous in Denver, Colorado. Through networking activities at the event they quickly realized that they had a common interest in and passion for working with blended families. The first collaborative engagement was to co-lead a PPI teleconference (Lifetime Estate Planning Issues and Challenges for Blended Families and Their Advisers, October 2011). They quickly realized how much they enjoyed working together. Paul, who already had a publishing contract when they met, invited Emily to become the co-author and they published Estate Planning for the Blended Family in July 2012. Emily and Paul are collaborating on several projects and have co-presented several PPI sessions (teleconferences and Rendezvous breakout sessions) and have presented for the Ultimate Estate Planner on Blended Family Estate Planning, as well as at Estate Planning Councils and various conferences.