Date:  December 4, 2018

Time: Noon ET (60 Minutes)

Guest Speaker:  Bruce DeBoskey, JD, Philanthropic Strategist, The DeBoskey Group & PPI Dean of Philanthropy

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

PPI’s Dean of Philanthropy, Bruce DeBoskey, will share tips on philanthropy for families and business that are logical, well-planned, and that make sense.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Bruce DeBoskey, J.D., is a Colorado-based Philanthropic Strategist with The DeBoskey Group, a national consulting practice founded in 2010 to help families, individuals, businesses and foundations design and implement thoughtful philanthropic strategies to achieve meaningful impact for themselves and their communities.

He writes a nationally-syndicated column “On Philanthropy” appearing initially in the Denver Post and then distributed to over 600 newspapers and other news outlets across the U.S. and abroad, is the Dean of Philanthropy for the Purposeful Planning Institute, and a Certified 21/64 Trainer, Bruce served for nearly nine years as the Anti-Defamation League’s Mountain States Regional Director, and before that, as a Colorado civil litigator. He holds a B.A. from Indiana University and a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center.


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Teleconferences & Webinars

Tuesday, December 4th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Coherent Philanthropy for Families and Businesses
Bruce DeBoskey, JD, Philanthropic Strategist at The DeBoskey Group, PPI Dean of Philanthropy

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