Date: May 22, 2018

Time: Noon ET (60 Minutes)

Guest Speakers: Clint Haggard, President, Continuity Planning Specialist, Burgher Haggard and Jerry McNabb, Family Advisor, Family Business Consultant and Mentor/Coach, McNabb Advisory

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Handout: Notes – Recreational Homes in a Family System

William Blackstone, one of the great legal minds of the 18th century, said: “There is nothing that so generally strikes the imagination and enrages the affections of mankind as the (Ownership of Family Recreational Assets).”  Actually, Blackstone was speaking of property rights in general.  But we feel his sentiment aptly applies to family cabins, family beach houses, family compounds, and other shared recreational assets.  There are obvious legal problems when these assets are embedded inside the family enterprise or are so significant they will be subject to transfer taxes.  But what about the non-tax, non-legal challenges to successfully creating positive and sustainable legacies with these assets?

Clint Haggard and Jerry McNabb have researched best practices for Family Recreational Assets with a specific emphasis on real estate assets such as cabins, beach houses, ski lodges, hunting chalets, etc.  They’ll share the discoveries they’ve made about what’s worked well for multi-generational families tasked with shared ownership of such assets.  And, we’ll also hear the mistakes that lead to family fracturing and bitter feelings over what once was a source of great joy and memories.  This conversation will be full of practical suggestions and invaluable insights.

Introduction to Our Guests Speakers

Clint Haggard, President of Burgher Haggard

Clint is President of Burgher-Haggard, a boutique accounting firm started in 2006 that provides accounting and financial reporting for HNW individuals, family offices and privately held investment funds across the U.S.  Burgher Haggard currently has over 40 employees and more than $4 billion in assets under administration.

Clint’s professional journey has led him through various parts of many family systems.  He has been a CFO of his own family’s administration company (“family office”), which control 150+ year old dynasty assets at a cousin level.  He is currently a Trustee of another family’s Dynasty Trust.  He has been a consultant to many families over the last 15 years helping with family meetings, succession planning, family retreats and financial education.

Clint holds 3-4 “barn events” each year at the family farm to help educate other families and advisors understand/manage the risk of conflict that comes with multigenerational family assets.  Clint has a BBA in accounting and finance from Tarleton State University, and an MBA from Texas Christian University.

Clint is 48 years old, married for 18 years and has 4 children under age of 15.  In other words, life is chaotic! (in a good way!)

Jerry McNabb, Family Business Consultant, Family Advisor, and Coach\Mentor

Jerry McNabb has extensive consulting experience and a deep background in the personal development of family members and family systems.  He is active as an advisor, consultant, and coach|mentor.

He aspires for families to develop core competencies important in evolving from generation to generation.  These competencies consist of both “hard” and “soft” skill sets.  Mr. McNabb helps families focus on values and purpose, healthy communication, visionary leadership, and governance.  Also, in the creation of flexible and effective structures, sound financial management, cultural agility, adaptive capacity, and meaningful education.

Mr. McNabb enjoys coaching|mentoring the “rising stars” (28 to 42 years of age) in leadership and the senior generation in preparing for their next phase of life.

With over twenty years of experience of helping families, family enterprises, and serving on many boards for privately held companies, financial institutions, non-profits as well hospital boards continues to advance his knowledge.

He is involved in educational programs, professional institutes, and other special events to advance his knowledge in the fields related to multi-generational families and family enterprises

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