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To Be or Not to Be—Some Thoughts on the Life of Family Foundations, Journal of Practical Estate Planning

Yŏu Bản Fă – (There Is A Way): Reviewing the Wisdom of Great Thinkers to Combat the Negativity and Planning Paralysis that Challenges Philanthropic Planners and Their Clients Today, Journal of Practical Estate Planning

The Purposeful Charitable Trust or Foundation: Client Memory Loss and Charitable Remainder Trusts, Journal of Practical Estate Planning

The Benefits of Greater Meaning and Purpose in Charitable Trusts, DAFs, and Family Foundations

Maturity Markers – A New Paradigm for Trust Distribution Models and Gifts, Family Firm Institute

Getting “Buy-In” to Develop a Collaborative Team, Trusts & Estates

Incentive Trusts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by John A. Warnick

Purposeful Planning Resources

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The Seven Keys of Purposeful Trusts

The Pillars of Purposeful Philanthropy

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