The Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI) is a learning center for professionals interested in mastering the Purposeful Planning process, exploring best practices for legacy families and families in business as well as cutting edge processes and techniques.

PPI is dedicated to creating a Purposeful Planning Revolution that transforms the way estate planning is done and to mastering and promoting the principles and practices of client-centered planning.


  • To explore and share best practices for legacy families and families in business
  • To foster more frequent and effective collaboration among the advisors serving these families
  • To promote prosperous and sustainable practices and the growth of our individual members, their practices and firms


Our members are professionals from a broad spectrum of those who serve families of wealth and families in business including lawyers, wealth managers, trust officers, planned giving experts, psychologists and therapists who are family business and family wealth advisors.  Members of the Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI), the network of members actively engaged in Purposeful Planning, are known as Collaborators.  Collaborators receive full access to weekly Thought Leader & Industry Innovator teleconferences, special members only discounts and priority registration for workshops and events, a listing in our private directory of members, and more. For more information on how to join PPI and become a Collaborator CLICK HERE.

Redwood Seedling Logo

The redwood seedling logo represents the generativity, interconnectedness and sustainability of the redwood grove, a family of trees which thrives for up to two millennia.  The Purposeful Planning Institute adopted this logo because we believe it is a powerful metaphor for the work our collaborators do with families to allow individual family members to grow and thrive, and for the family and family business systems to flourish and develop healthy interconnectivity. The two biggest threats to the redwood are wind and fire. Its thick bark allows the mature redwood to survive all but the hottest of fires. But the redwood’s secret to surviving the gale force winds from the Pacific Ocean is an interconnected root system.

The redwood tree, which can grow as tall as a 35 story skyscraper, amazingly lacks a tap root. Instead, the root system of the redwood tree is surprisingly shallow, no deeper than 6-12 feet. But the redwood trees share a hidden secret.

Underneath the surface of the grove their roots all intertwine, so much so that they are locked to each other. This interconnected root system gives the trees so much strength that they stand strong when storms come and winds blow. Not only do the redwoods support and protect each other through their root system but the redwood tree is a dramatic example of generativity in many other ways. For example, fallen redwood logs serve as nurseries for the growth of seedlings. And the redwood seed is smaller than a tomato seed and yet it can produce a tree that can easily house the Statue of Liberty.

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“John Warnick is a leader in the field of family wealth/business. His innovative thinking and processes create a win-win scenario for both the senior and next generations. He consistently provides a multi-discipline, collaborative approach that leads to a more comprehensive and long-lasting well-being for his clients. John has a proven record of generating sustainable results for asset transitions and is viewed as a competent trusted advisor by his colleagues and clients. I highly recommend John Warnick to any family seeking family wealth/business transition advice.”

– Justin Anderson, Family Business Advisor, Legasus Group

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“John, thank you for creating this fabulous Institute. The insights and knowledge I have gained from the select group of speakers you have presented to us has more than paid for my membership. I now have the ability and knowledge to talk with prospects and clients about topics I am certain their existing advisors are unlikely to have raised. What a powerful way to distinguish myself in the very high net worth market. Your vision and dedication are greatly appreciated. I look forward to each presentation and have scheduled all future dates already in my Outlook.”

– Art Littlefield, Owner, Financial Strategies
& Solutions Group

Photo Credit: Will Austin

Redwoods are a wonderfully
rich symbol for
interconnectedness, growth,
and generativity.