Fill In The Gap Between You and Your Client In Transition Using The Financial Transitions Model to Go Beyond Fiduciary

Monday, July 18th
1:00pm – 4:00pm
Four Seasons Downtown Denver
Presented by Susan K Bradley, CFP®, CeFT® and Faculty, Sudden Money Institute and the Financial Transitionist Institute

Cost: $395 PPI Members; $495 Non-Members (contact us for the member promo code)
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The foundation of this interactive workshop is the financial transitions model, process, and tools tested and used for two decades by Certified Financial Transitonsits®.  Case stories focus on a family navigating two major life-changing events that impact several family members in different stages of transitions.

Life transitions clients are becoming a norm; ten years ago, they were the occasional one-off widow, divorce, or inheritance client. This workshop intends to share practical, repeatable tools and process all attendees can immediately use with their clients regardless of net worth and circumstances.  We want to help all firms build their version of a support system for clients facing any life event, at any age.

Transition models seem to exist everywhere except in the financial services and wealth management industry. Transition models in the sciences, leadership, corporate change management, and governments all address the stages of transitions, typically a disruptive change event followed by a period of reconstruction. From a high balcony, we can see that life transitions follow a similar sequence.

In real-time, life events are messy, non-linear,  with unpredictable experiences; they are an extended time of new decisions, new responsibilities, fatigue, and, to varying degrees, a period of decreased cognitive capacity for making good decisions. Within the challenges and confusion, there is an opportunity to guide clients and families to their next great chapter of life. The degree of success of a transition is related to transition skills not typically taught in the traditional training of planners and wealth advisors.

Financial planners and wealth advisors have a choice to make. They are free to limit their services to the financial side of these events and leave the personal side to their clients.   They can stick to the requirements of a fiduciary and move on to the next client.  If this describes you or your firm, this workshop would not be a good use of your time.

The majority of firms are leaning in the other direction; they are promising through copy, web site photos, and conversation that they are the go-to firm for life transitions; widowhood, inheritance, sale of a business, retirement, divorce, and other life-altering events. These firms are making an implied promise every time a client signs on or renews that goes beyond fiduciary commitments, practice efficiency, technology, behavioral finance, and life planning. It says in one way or another, I am here for you regardless of what happens in your life. When life goes as planned, I am here to walk beside you. When life pivots you in a new direction, welcomed or regrettable, I am here to keep you safe and help you find your best way. When the pieces of your life fall apart, I am here to help you put them back together.

If this describes who you are or aspire to be, this workshop may be invaluable.

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Cost: $395 PPI Members; 495 Non-Members