If you are interested in learning more about integrating the best of legacy, relational, and philanthropic practices into technical planning visit http://bit.ly/2nhZzVl

“A unique gathering.  Bringing together people and topics from different disciplines is only the first step. This conference takes on the ambitious goal of joining their perspectives to create a combined experience.  It works.” – Don Kozusko, Kozusko Harris Duncan
“Let Fusion Collaboration show you how to connect the technical aspects for planning with the heart of families we serve in order to have a client for life.” — Michael Palumbos, ChFC, Family Wealth Advisor
“The best way to serve my family business clients is in collaboration with experts in a variety of disciplines including law, accounting, financial advisory, insurance, banking, and of course, someone who can help the family address the emotional side of these topics.  That’s why I’m excited to participate in the Fusion Collaboration.” — Cathy Carroll, MBA, ACC, Legacy Onward
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