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July 2017

Tuesday, July 4th

Tuesday, July 11th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
How Do We Get Everybody on The Same Page?
Steve Legler, MBA, CFA, FEA, Family Legacy Advisor

Tuesday, July 18th 

Tuesday, July 25th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Purposeful Social Media Planning that Gets Results
Michael Palumbos, Wealth Advisor for Families in Business, Family Wealth and Legacy, LLC

August 2017

Tuesday, August 1st 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Changing the Approach to College Funding
Joseph Messinger CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® Founder & CEO Capstone College Partners

Tuesday, August 8th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Is the Cloud Finally Lifting? Practical Planning for and Administration of Our Clients’ Digital Assets
David M. Lenz, Attorney at Law, Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP

Tuesday, August 15th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Electronic Wills and Recent Legislative Activity: Yesterday’s Techie Youth Are Now Today’s Testators
Kyle B. Gee, Attorney at Law, Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP

Tuesday, August 22nd 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
How to Put Success into Succession Planning
Dennis Stack, Co-Founder and Chairman, Legacy Stories

Tuesday, August 29th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Pathways: A Framework for Helping Clients Cut Through the Complexity of Estate Planning
Scott Cooper, Managing Director, Wealth Advisory Group, Merrill Lynch
Michael Liersch, Head of Behavioral Finance and Goals-Based Consulting, Merill Lynch
Matthew Wesley, JD, MDiv, Director, Center for Family Wealth Dynamics & Governance™ at Merrill Lynch, PPI Dean of Family Culture

September 2017

Tuesday, September 5th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Best of  Fusion Collaboration
Various Guests 

Tuesday, September 12th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Breaking Money Silence®: How To Help Your Clients Shatter Money Taboos and Start Talking Openly about Finances
Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Founder of KBK Wealth Connections, Wealth Psychology Consultant and Author of How To Give Financial Advice to Women: Attracting & Retaining High-Net-Worth Female Clients (McGraw-Hill, Sept, 2012)

Tuesday, September 19th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
High-Engagement Intergenerational Giving: Lessons from an 11 Generation Philanthropic Family
Kristin Keffeler, MSM, Principal, Illumination360, Dean of Family Sustainability & Empowerment

Tuesday, September 26th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Enemies of Communication
Trudy Anne Pelletier, FEA, CEC, Simply More, Inc.

Teleconference Highlights

“Electronic Wills and Recent Legislative Activity: Yesterday’s Techie Youth Are Now Today’s Testators

Kyle B. Gee, Attorney at Law, Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP

August 15th
Noon ET – 60 Minutes

In 2013, an Ohio judge admitted to probate a Will written entirely with an electronic stylus pen on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and later signed electronically by the testator and witnesses.  In 2017, the concept of an electronic Will or “e-Will” has become a hot topic with the help of a for-profit company seeking to procure favorable legislation in Florida and beyond.  Not all agree that electronic Will legislation as being proposed is a good idea.  Do you?

Kyle Gee will provide background into the concept of electronic wills by explaining factors leading to their creation by emerging generations.  He will also summarize electronic will cases from around the world.  Kyle will share reasons proponents are pushing for enactment of electronic Will statutes and the concerns raised by those in opposition.  Learn More

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