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June 2017

Thursday, June 1st 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
The Future of the Estate Planning Profession
John J. Scroggin, J.D., LL.M., Scroggin & Company
Note!  This call takes place on a Thursday!

Tuesday, June 6th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Giving a TEDx Talk – One Person’s Experience
Myra Salzer, Founder, The Wealth Conservancy

Tuesday, June 13th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Overcoming Obstacles Related to Inheritance
R. Scott Gornto, MDIV, LMFT, CST, author of The Stories We Tell Ourselves™

Tuesday, June 20th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Building the Skills and Preserving the Spark: The Young Americans Center for Financial Education
Rich Martinez, President & CEO, Young Americans Center for Financial Education

Tuesday, June 27th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Income Tax Exit Strategies from Businesses
Steve Gorin, Partner, Thompson Coburn LLP

July 2017

Tuesday, July 4th

Tuesday, July 11th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
How Do We Get Everybody on The Same Page?
Steve Legler, MBA, CFA, FEA, Family Legacy Advisor

Tuesday, July 18th 

Tuesday, July 25th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Purposeful Social Media Planning that Gets Results
Michael Palumbos, Wealth Advisor for Families in Business, Family Wealth and Legacy, LLC

August 2017

Tuesday, August 1st 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Changing the Approach to College Funding
Joseph Messinger CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® Founder & CEO Capstone College Partners

Tuesday, August 8th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Electronic Wills and Electronic Signatures in Estate Planning: When Today’s Techie Youth Become Tomorrow’s Testator
David M. Lenz, Attorney at Law, Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP

Tuesday, August 15th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Is the Cloud Finally Lifting?  New Law Brings Needed Clarity to Planning for and Administering Digital Assets
Kyle B. Gee, Attorney at Law, Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP

Tuesday, August 22nd 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Title TBA
Tom Cormier, Co-Founder and CEO, Legacy Stories
Jeff Rogers, CKA, CKP, Founder and Chairman, Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC

Tuesday, August 29th 
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Title TBA
Scott Cooper, Managing Director, Wealth Advisory Group, Merrill Lynch
Michael Liersch, Head of Behavioral Finance and Goals-Based Consulting, Merill Lynch
Matthew Wesley, JD, MDiv, Director, Center for Family Wealth Dynamics & Governance™ at Merrill Lynch, PPI Dean of Family Culture

Teleconference Highlights

“Income Tax Exit Strategies from Businesses

Steve Gorin, Partner, Thompson Coburn LLP

June 27th
Noon ET – 60 Minutes

When your client transitions his or her business, having a better structure can save significant tax. Make sure your clients make the best choices up-front or are properly positioned for a planned sale.  Read More

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