The Purposeful Planning Institute hosts teleconferences which feature Thought Leaders and Industry Innovators addressing twelve different themes across a wide spectrum of interests and issues.

Best Practices for Trusts, Trustees & Beneficiaries

Harvard Professor Robert Sitkoff has suggested trusts are moving out of the “Age of Distribution” and into the “Age of Management”, where the primary purpose of trusts will be to manage assets for multiple generations of a family. We believe there is another more exciting possibility: trusts are entering the Age of Relationship where they will, if designed and managed purposefully, have a more positive impact on family systems and beneficiaries. Past topics have covered a wide range of cutting edge concepts such as the Generative Trustee, the Keys of Purposeful Trusts, the Financial Skills Trust, the Life Plan Trust, the uses and abuses of Trust Protectors and much, much more. Our guests have included James E. “Jay” Hughes, Jr., Hartley Goldstone, Jon and Eileen Gallo, Timothy J. Belber, Larry Hause, Justin Anderson, and John A. Warnick.

Intersections – Where Wealth Intersects with the Behavioral Sciences

Gain insights from Family Systems experts, Wealth Psychologists and other behavioral specialists into how we can empower our clients to improve their relational wealth. Learn about breakthrough studies and research which could transform your work with clients. Hear about practical applications from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Family Systems Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, Organizational Dynamics, Motivational Interviewing and other scientific disciplines from leading experts like Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., James Grubman, Ph.D., Ted Klontz, Ph.D., Lee Hausner, Ph.D., and Kathy Wiseman.

Purposeful Conversations – The Keys to More Meaningful Client & Intra-Family Communications

This call series features great innovators such as Nancy Kline, author of Time to Think, Susan Bradley, founder of the Sudden Money Institute, Scott Farnsworth, creator of Priceless Conversations™, Ed Jacobson, Ph.D., Courtney Pullen, Barbara Culver and Thayer Willis sharing their insights and processes for more meaningful intra-family and client conversations. Discover the power of “inciting questions” and how to listen with greater presence and intent.

Family Business Forum – Best Practices for Family Business Advisors & Business Transition Planning

While the worlds of Family Wealth and Family Business share many commonalities, there are unique challenges within each. As family businesses expand from their entrepreneurial beginnings, they face leadership and governance challenges. In this theme leading family business consultants and advisors, such as Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., Dean Fowler, Ph.D., author of Love, Power and Money, Tom Deans, Ph.D., author of Every Family’s Business, Jack Beauregard, co-founder of the Successful Transition Planning Institute, and William Anton, author of Business Success Through Self-Knowledge share best practices and insights to assist Family Held Enterprises.

Leadership, Coaching and Growth – Paradigms for Effective Change & Innovation

What are the elements of effective leadership? How can we BE INNOVATIVE? What are the keys to personal growth and success? In this theme we will feature individuals who are not only outstanding examples of personal growth and leadership but we will be discussing the habits, resources and skills each of us needs to take our practices, and our individual well-being and happiness, to the next level. This call series will not only inspire you but it will help each of us begin to probe our self-imposed limitations and discover how we can smash through those barriers. We will be hearing such world-class coaches such as Ian McDermott, Kristin Keffeler, Jim Rohrbach, Dave Phillips, and from other leading thinkers/innovators in the fields of Leadership, Personal Growth and Change.

The Family Office Summit – Best Practices for Families of Wealth and Family Offices

Gain exposure to thought leaders and innovators such as James E. “Jay” Hughes, Lisa Gray, Laurent Roux and John P.C. Duncan who are shaping best practices for families of wealth and the family offices which serve them. This theme explores topics such as the importance of fire drills, best practices for assisting family members impaired by substance abuse or other addictive behaviors, the On-Boarding of spouses of family members, roles and responsibilities within the family system, and financial parenting. Join us to also explore suggestions for developing family leadership and increasing the strength and effectiveness of a family’s culture and communications.

The Technical Corner – Hot Topics in The Tax & Estate Planning World

We can’t provide world class service without staying abreast of technical developments. The Technical Corner will give us access to the experts who are changing the planning landscape and to the Washington insiders who will assist us in anticipating and reacting to statutory and regulatory changes. Many of these calls are appropriate for advisors who feel inadequate in conferences with the more technically advanced members of a client’s advisory team and features planning experts who will introduce key planning concepts at a more basic level.

The Best of Legacy and Purposeful Planning

The planning world is evolving rapidly as a result of the keys and paradigms of Purposeful Planning. Both Purposeful and Legacy Planning are transforming and expanding the worlds of financial and estate planning. We will bring thought leaders such as Susan Bradley, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Courtney Pullen, Ed Jacobson, Susan Turnbull, and Dick Wagner to share ways in which we can assist clients discover greater purpose and meaning for their money and financial resources. We will also be discussing the benefits of Ethical Wills, Priceless Conversations, Personal Memoirs, Life and Family Histories, Values Clarifications and Discovery innovators such as Scott Farnsworth, Gunther Weil, Ph.D., Iris Wagner, Judith Kolva, Ph.D., Susan Turnbull, and other leading innovators.

The Business of the Practice – Building a Thriving and Sustainable Practice

In this series we will explore the keys to creating a thriving and sustainable practice serving legacy families and families in business. We will learn from individuals who are pioneers and innovators what challenges and adversity they overcame to build sustainable practices. These practitioners and innovators will share their thoughts around barriers to success and discuss how we can successfully engage in client-centric collaboration and service. We will also hear proven suggestions and strategies around resources, skills building, training and processes, and in the process accelerate and amplify our learning and practice development.

Catalysts for Collaboration – Keys for Successful Collaborations

Learn the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ of Collaboration. We will showcase Collaborators who are enjoying great success in creating productive, multi-disciplinary collaborations to better serve their clients. We will hear testimonials from their clients around the advantages of a collaborative team. Thought leaders in this area of collaboration will teach us what each of us can do to become better Collaborators. This call will help us not only do our best work but to experience the joy of serving in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team.

Purposeful Next-Gen Collaboration

This call series explores generational differences as well as the challenges to assisting the rising generations of a family to flourish and to be prepared to step into key roles as family leaders. These calls focus on the issues and best practices specific to multi-generational families. These conversations are facilitated by Alison Comstock Moss and Kristin Keffeler and feature either case studies or conversations with thought leaders who have insights which will be of great value to Next-Gen Advisors and to all professionals who serve the rising generations of families.

Philanthropy U – Best Practices in Philanthropy

The Philanthropy U – Best Practices in Philanthropy calls feature interviews with thought leaders and innovators in the world of philanthropy discussing best practices for philanthropists, the charities and foundations they support, and the advisors and consultants who want to serve them.

 Teleconference Details

Our teleconference take place on Tuesdays at Noon ET. Most calls are structured as interactive interviews and participants are actively participate through live Q&A sessions with our guest Thought Leaders. Most calls are 60 minutes, however, generally one call a month will be 90 minutes in length and include a “Collaboratory” session. The “Collaboratory” is a 30 minute small group discussion during which we examine the insights and practices suggested by our thought leader and ask ourselves three questions:

  • what are the barriers to implementation?

  • how can we smash through those barriers?

  • how can we support each profession and discipline in implementing this in our practices?