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The Problems with Pseudoscience: Using It Can Harm Your Ability to Serve Clients

The amount of neuromythology and other kinds of pseudoscience to which we are exposed to through popular media and other channels seems to be growing. How can we recognize pseudoscience? How might using pseudoscience in working with clients be problematic? Why must we use caution when trying to apply research from the lab to everyday life? Why is anecdotal evidence (e.g., I can see what I am doing helps my clients) often not sufficient or accurate? Listen in to this discussion to ensure that the science you use when working with clients improves the quality of your service.

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The Routines of Connection that Lead to a Deeply Meaningful Life

At first blush, nature connection and the wisdom of indigenous and ancestral cultures may seem far removed from the needs and complexities of modern life and intergenerational planning. But nothing could be further from the truth. Connection to nature, self, and others can establish a virtuous circle that provides access to abundant and sustainable lives for individuals, families, and communities. Moreover, the family practices of nature-based cultures were born out of a need to thrive in dynamic changing environments. Jon’s unique experience and intimate knowledge of nature and community, developed and lived over 40 years, offers a sweeping perspective of what is possible for families, communities and human culture on this planet going forward. This session offers profound, yet simple insights and practices that can immediately be applied to our own lives, as well as the lives of the families we are privileged to touch, guide and inspire.

Traditions and Family – The ThankMas Season

We are rapidly approaching the holiday season, a time for families and joyous traditions, and perhaps too much pie, turkey, etc.  What gets lost in the commercialization of the holiday season, are the opportunities we have as individuals and families to make, honor and celebrate traditions.  In this call, John A. Warnick shares a number of simple but powerful ways in which we can take advantage of what Lee Brower calls Thankmas.  Learn about Thankmas and several other ways in which you can help your family and your clients strengthen family bonds, create meaningful traditions, and explore the pathway to a more significant and purposeful life in 2018.

What Their Stories Reveal: Getting to The Heart of What Matters Most to Your Clients

Join legacy specialist Susan Turnbull and story expert Lani Peterson, PsyD as they share their process of deepening client engagement through the lens of stories. Using an easy to learn strategy, Susan and Lani will share their universally applicable narrative framework for uncovering and exploring the themes and values revealed through clients’ life experiences. This story listening approach yields not only deeply engaging interaction but rich source of material for planning, especially in the realm of envisioning legacy, sometimes a difficult or awkward subject to talk about in any depth.

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