Supporting Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy

Help make a BIG difference while you increase your business.

Please join PPI as we partner with The Financial Awareness Foundation and other leading financial service and nonprofit associations, their professionals and companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, larger employers, membership-based organizations, technology companies, government agencies, and the news media in celebrating, supporting and participating the Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement with its concentrated personal finance content media blitz built around the strategic venues of:

  • 9th anniversary of National Estate Planning Awareness Month / Week (NEPAW-3rd week in October)
  • 14th anniversary of National Financial Literacy Month (NFLM-April) next April

The goals are to encourage you to actively support and join in the movement to alert, educate, motivate, and assist the general public to cost effectively establish and keep their estate and financial plans and gifting plans current. This is such a great opportunity to “do good” for the general public, generate new revenue opportunities for you, and help produce needed gifts and bequests for nonprofits.

You can see what our colleagues and associates did during the spring campaign by viewing the Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Report & Magazine.

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The Distinguished 2017 Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement Honorary Co-Chairs are:

Representing Academia Thought Leadership

Patricia D. White, JD, Dean of the University of Miami School of Law. Her legal career spans four decades as an attorney and an educator. Dean White is transformative and a visionary; and the National Jurist Magazine named her as one of the most influential people in legal education in 2015, 2014, and in 2013.

Representing Financial and Legal Services Thought Leadership

John A. Warnick, JD, CEO & Founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute. Along with his duties as the CEO of PPI, John A. is a practicing estate planning attorney who balances his enthusiasm for tax savings with in-depth discovery and purposeful questions to ensure the planning is congruent with his client’s core values. John A. delivers workshops across the country for estate planning attorneys and financial planners sharing the six paradigms of Purposeful Planning and the Seven Keys of Purposeful Trust and Gifts. Received his BA magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and his JD from George Washington University with honors, and has authored two BNA (Bureau of National Affairs) Tax Management portfolios and many other professional articles.

Representing News Media Thought Leadership

Randy A. Fox, Editor in Chief of Planned Giving Design Center a national website and newsletter for philanthropic advisors. Randy’s exceptional ability to make the most complex and technical materials clear and relevant has given him the opportunity to have been a regular contributor to numerous publications. Randy also co-foundered and is an active principle of Life Legacy Case Design, a back office for professional advisors engaged with high net worth families, and EzCharitable, an online philanthropic giving training resource for professionals. He’s past president Board of the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy and recipient 2015 Fithian Leadership Award.

Representing Nonprofit / Charitable Gift Planning Community Thought Leadership 

Michael Kenyon, President and CEO of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners the leading organization setting standards, providing education, resources and advocacy for charitable gift planners. He oversees the CGP Indianapolis based staff and a national network of over 100 councils and 8,000 CGP members promoting the value of charitable gift planning to legislators in D.C. and nationally speaks on the role of advocacy in the nonprofit sector.

They are strong supporters and advocates for improving financial awareness and financial literacy and provide leadership and support for bringing the essential principles of smart personal financial management to the public and in attracting others to join in and participate in this very important strategic financial awareness movement.

Here are some fun and easy ways to participate:

  • Placing financial and estate planning editorial content in your website, newsletters, social media groups, local newspapers, and radio/television/web-based shows, in support of National Estate Planning Awareness Month / Week (October 16-22) six months later during April for National Financial Literacy Month
  • For your convenience ‘free’ sample editable and downloadable articles can be found at http://home.thefinancialawarenessfoundation.org/campaigns.html
  • Encouraging your company and associates to host or take part in a ‘general public’ or a ‘professional’ webinar or community-wide workshop built around estate and financial planning during the months of April and October, in support of improving financial awareness and financial literacy movement.
  • Circulating this communication and the following financial awareness campaign materials to your colleagues and associates and encourage them to support and participate in these important events.
  • The Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement Program Planner / Overview – This is an excellent overview and planning tool.



Please join us and the leading financial and nonprofit associations, companies, and their professionals; nonprofits, educational institutions, larger employers, membership-based organizations, technology companies, government agencies, and the news media on this important initiative. Together we have the potential to help solve a major social challenge by advancing and contributing to one of the most amazing, broad-based, multifaceted movement for improving financial awareness and financial literacy.

On behalf of PPI, The Financial Awareness Foundation and the various participating organizations and professionals THANK YOU for your efforts and for assisting us in having a positive ongoing impact on improving financial awareness and financial literacy.


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