The Family Legacy Roadmap Process™

The Family Legacy Roadmap Process™ 2017-02-22T12:42:14+00:00

The Purposeful Planning Institute offers comprehensive reports that provide a roadmap for family success identifying the family’s strengths, which serve as a foundation to address their most critical challenges. Two versions are offered, one specifically for families-in-business and the other is designed for families of wealth.

Did you know?

Only thirty percent of families-in-business and families of wealth transition successfully to the next generation of leadership:

  • Improve your odds for success
  • Quickly uncover land mines before they explode
  • Measure your strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Benchmark your family transition against best practices
  • Develop a game plan for action
  • 360-degree perspective – family members, managers, advisors

Easy to Complete

  • On-line anywhere in the world
  • 15-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire
  • Confidential data collection using secure passwords

Reliable Report

  • Twenty-page report
  • Twelve competencies based on best practices
  • Report emailed anywhere in the world
  • Comprehensive Roadmap process independently researched at a major university for statistical validity and reliability

Consulting Support

  • A network of professional advisors
  • Alliance partners with diverse areas of expertise

Comprehensive & Basic Roadmaps for Your Needs

  • The Family Wealth Legacy Roadmap™
  • The Family Business Legacy Roadmap™

Contact us at or 720-458-7777 for additional information or to purchase The Family Legacy Roadmap Process™ for use with your clients.


“The comprehensive scope of the Roadmap is just one aspect that sets it apart from all other assessment tools I’ve seen. The other key differentiators are:

  • the program helps spot the areas where there may be gaps between aspiration, behaviors and consensus.
  • it allows you to stratify responses among six different classes of respondents allowing you to gain insights confidentially from family office and outside advisors rather than just rely on the family’s internal view of itself.
  • the assessment has been objectively evaluated and refined by University researchers.”

– John A. Warnick, Founder of the
Purposeful Planning Institute

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“The Family Business/Family Wealth Roadmaps provide a unique and in-depth look at a family. Analysis of the overall results combined with the variance on specific questions, provides an advisor with an uncannily accurate view of what is going on. This is especially valuable when you do not know the family and your own perceptions are not skewed by your alliance with any person or branch. The families I have shared it with are almost in awe of the detail it provides, and information can be conveyed based on the evidence in the data without any emotional overtone. I have used it with the Hogan Leadership Assessment Suite when a family is trying to identify and develop talent for succession. This is a very effective tool to raise awareness of issues which may be outside your profession of origin and a great conversation starter.”

– Kay Vogt, Psy.D.,
President, Real Talk Company