Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI) Collaboratories are forming across the U.S. and Canada. PPI members are forming regional Collaboratories (chapters) that are hubs for networking, sharing of ideas and best practices, and forming professional alliances and collaborations. The Northern California Collaboratory is PPI’s first chapter, formed in response to feedback at the 2013 PPI Annual Rendezvous.

Active Collaboratories

Northern California
Emily Bouchard, Wealth, Money, and Family Coach
Phone: 510-406-7178
Email: info@wealthlegacygroup.net

Seattle Area
Matthew Wesley, JD, MDiv
Phone: 425-647-6066
Email: matt@being-becoming.com

Austin Area
David Claflin
Phone: (512) 579-4060
Email: dclaflin@theblumfirm.com

Dallas Area
Kevin Quinn
Phone: (214) 578-2662
Email: kevin@kpquinn.com

Denver Area
Katie Spencer
Phone: (612) 910-8648
Email: katie@northboundcoaching.com

Vancouver (CollaboRare Advisory Alliance)
Bernie Geiss TEP, FEA, CLU, CFP, CHS
Phone: 604.924.9152 Ext. 225
Toll Free: 1.888.783.5402
Email: bernie@coveadvisors.com

Los Angeles
Curtis Kaiser JD, MBA
Email: Curtis@kaiserlg.com

Interested in forming a Collaboratory in your area? Contact us!