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Purposeful Philanthropy is the art of thoughtfully, intentionally and purposefully integrating the passion, spirit and commitment of philanthropy into the fabric of your family system.

Purposeful Philanthropy is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used not only to create lasting positive change in our communities and in the world but also within our own families.  Family philanthropy empowers beneficiaries and offsets the fear and danger of entitlement.

It is our belief that a family’s true wealth lies in the wisdom, values, virtues, life lessons, social, cultural and spiritual values that are passed on from one generation to the next. Purposeful Philanthropy can strengthen these core values and virtues.  Furthermore, we recognize that a shared philanthropic journey creates not only compassion but also resiliency and a commitment to purposeful self-sufficiency in the next generations of our family.

The Purposeful Planning Institute brings to light new, innovative and cutting edge ideas in Philanthropy through select PPI teleconferences, in our annual Rendezvous and in various workshops and we can assist you with incorporating Purposeful Philanthropy into your life, your practice, and your work with legacy families and families in business.

Purposeful Philanthropy Resources

John A. Warnick’s 6 Pillars of Purposeful Philanthropy

To Be or Not to Be—Some Thoughts on the Life of Family Foundations

Yŏu Bản Fă – (There Is A Way): Reviewing the Wisdom of Great Thinkers to Combat the Negativity and Planning Paralysis that Challenges Philanthropic Planners and Their Clients Today

The Purposeful Charitable Trust or Foundation: Client Memory Loss and Charitable Remainder Trusts

The Benefits of Greater Meaning and Purpose in Charitable Trusts, DAFs, and Family Foundations

Maturity Markers – A New Paradigm for Trust Distribution Models and Gifts

Select PPI Teleconferences on Philanthropy

PPI Hosts weekly teleconferences & webinars with Thought Leaders and Industry Innovators. Become a member to access these and other sessions and resources on Philanthropy.

Giving Together: How Can Advisors Help Couples Create a Shared Vision for their Philanthropy?
Caroline W. Hodkinson, Vice President, Philanthropy Advisor, Bessemer Trust

The Young Philanthropy Movement and the Finance Industry
Jonah Wittkamper, Co-Founder & Global Director, Nexus Network

Impact Investing: Putting Your Money Where Your Mission Is
Bruce DeBoskey, The DeBoskey Group, PPI Dean of Philanthropy

Family Philanthropy: A Deeper Dive into What Works
Lisa Parker, President and Executive Director of The Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

Philanthropy Re-Imagined
Peter Karoff, Founder, The Philanthropic Initiative

3 Simple Steps To Make The Difference You Really Want
Jim Lord, Author of “What Kind of World Do You Want?” and Founder of The Global Society of Change Agents

Live Your Legacy Now
Barbara Greenspan Shaiman, Founder of Champions of Caring and Embrace Your Legacy 

Women, Wealth & Giving
Melanie Hamburger, Principal, Catalytic Women 

The Philanthropic Chasm: Improving Communication Channels to Realize What Charities are Saying, What Advisors are Hearing and What Donors are Doing
Gena Rotstein, Founder & Philanthropic Advisor, Dexterity Consulting

Raising Charitable Children
Carol Weisman, Acclaimed Author, Speaker and President of Board Builders

Engage Every Age: How to Form Deep Client Relationships with Every Generation in Your Practice
Anne Loehr, Generational Guru, Author & Transformational Leader

Putting the Fun Back in Philanthropy Using the Philanthropic Slush Fund & Make a Difference Cards
Scott Farnsworth, President, Main Street Philanthropy and Ryan Ponsford, Principal, Akili Capital

The Pragmatic Side of Family Philanthropy: Creating Results for Clients and Advisors
Timothy J. Belber, Founder, The Alchemia Group

Planning For Philanthropic Impact In The Context Of Family Wealth
Philip Cubeta, Sallie B. and William B. Walllace, Chair in Philanthropy at the American College

Capturing Donor Legacy For Posterity
Iris Wagner, CEO, Founder & Executive Producer, Memoirs Productions

What Is A Family Foundation: A Private Foundation, A Donor Advised Fund Or Both?
Laura Malone, Director of Gift Planning, American Endowment Foundation

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Spotlight on Philanthropy

Bruce Deboskey

Bruce DeBoskey
PPI Dean of Philanthropy

Philanthropic strategist for families, businesses and foundations…

Bruce DeBoskey, J.D., is a Colorado-based Philanthropic Strategist with The DeBoskey Group, a national consulting practice founded in 2010 to help families, individuals, businesses and foundations design and implement thoughtful philanthropic strategies to achieve meaningful impact for themselves and their communities.

He writes a nationally-syndicated column “On Philanthropy” appearing initially in the Denver Post and then distributed to over 600 newspapers and other news outlets across the U.S. and abroad, is the Dean of Philanthropy for the Purposeful Planning Institute, and a Certified 21/64 Trainer.  Bruce served for nearly nine years as the Anti-Defamation League’s Mountain States Regional Director, and before that, as a Colorado civil litigator.  He holds a B.A. from Indiana University and a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center.

To learn more about Bruce and his work visit www.deboskeygroup.com