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Guest Speaker: Yuval Lion, Production Director, MYLK Media

Host:  John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Description: Legacy films are a way for families to share their story and values. They capture a lasting personal record that will inspire, influence, and guide future generations, providing them with a shared sense of their roots and identity. Join two-time News Emmy nominee, and former NBC and PBS producer, Yuval Lion, for a conversation on The Power of Family Legacy Films. Yuval will share his experience of producing a legacy film about his family, and using excerpts from the film, will provide concrete details about the purpose and process of such a production.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Yuval is a filmmaker, and budding philanthropist who lives in New York City. He had a 15-year career as an international news producer working for the AP, NBC News, and PBS. He mostly covered the Middle East, including the Rabin assassination, the 2000 Camp David talks, the 2nd Intifada, and the war in Iraq. He was twice nominated for a News Emmy, and in 2003 won a Silver Remmy Award for his China-based documentary film, My Cousin, the Chinaman.

In 2010, Yuval co-founded MYLKmedia, a production company located in NYC that produces advocacy films for nonprofits, foundations, educational organizations, and others. In 2017, MYLKmedia was honored with a “doGooder” video award. The following year, MYLKmedia made a successful legacy film about Yuval’s family, and expanded its services to produce thoughtful and sophisticated family legacy and tribute films.

Yuval, who was born and raised in London to Israeli parents, is philanthropically involved with several organizations that promote Middle East peace. He is also on the board as a second-generation member of his family’s foundation, which carries out philanthropy in Israel in the areas of education and social cohesion.

Yuval holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and is a long-suffering supporter of Tottenham Hotspur FC.

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