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Guest Speaker: Daniel P. Felix, The Professional Trustee

Host: John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute

Perhaps you are familiar with the term “Independent Trustee”.  Perhaps you not.  We will explore the many hats worn by these professionals so you may better identify when it is appropriate to engage one to serve your clients.

Introduction to Our Guest Speaker

Dan is a licensed Illinois attorney using his legal expertise and crisis and people management skills to help families navigate the rough waters of trusts.

Specifically, Dan fixes broken trusts by stepping in as an experienced & impartial trustee.  And for those individuals who want to engage in the ounce of prevention to save their beneficiaries money and heartache later, Dan serves as successor trustee and power of attorney for property.

Dan’s generative approach involves collaborating closely with each family member and as needed with their professional team, from their estate planners & financial managers to their health care specialists and daily money managers.

A trustee for over 30 years, Dan was serving as a “Generative Trustee” before he knew of that PPI descriptor. Dan has attended and presented at various PPI Rendezvous gatherings since participating in the first one in 2011. He’s also a member of the PPI Trustee Collaboratory, and a co-founder of the budding Independent Trustee Alliance which grew out of a PPI relationship.

Dan’s firm, The Professional Trustee, is based in Chicago, where Dan is also a co-founder and current President of the Chicago Trustee Collaboratory, an association dedicated to helping families flourish with their trusts.

Dan speaks frequently on the subjects of trust structure, trust vision, trust administration, and trusts in crisis, teaching professionals as well as lay audiences. His articles on these trust topics have appeared in various statenational and international journals, and include a series on Keys to Successful Trust Administration. Copies of his articles from that series and others appear on his website and on LinkedIn.

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